How and with what to fertilize tomatoes

Tomato plants require a good fertilizer to ensure that they develop in optimal conditions, in addition, it is possible to obtain better results by enriching the soil by adding compost and, as we already know, tomatoes require quite demanding care, especially because they need a large amount of sun, as well as a certain substrate for an urban garden, which has a high nutrient content and apart from this, they are also delicate, because they are usually a real attraction for several of the most common pests that They present the gardens during the summer.

And it is precisely for these reasons that it is very important to use a good fertilizer for the tomato plant and that not only promotes the proper growth of its fruits, but also that, at a certain moment, they are strong enough to combat some annoying visitors.

tomato growing on the vineIf proper growth of tomatoes is desired, the fertilizer used must be applied at the appropriate time , depending on the phenology and growth phase of the plant.


  • 1 How to use the fertilizer for tomatoes
  • 2 What is used to fertilize tomatoes
  • 3 Some natural and organic fertilizers that you could use are:
    • 3.1 Manure
    • 3.2 Banana peel

How to use tomato fertilizer

It is necessary to start with something that, although it is not really a fertilizer for tomatoes, is as essential as the fertilizer, that is, the soil .

In case you are carrying out a late transplant, it is essential that the final place where the tomatoes will be planted , has a high content of organic matter . This aspect is important because it is going to be precisely that soil, which conserves the water that the plant requires, at the same time that it prevents it from contracting any possible disease originating in the soil, with which it can be infected through irrigation.

However, with the appropriate soil, it must be taken into account that the fertilizer for tomatoes must be applied regularly and only during the first six weeks from the moment of the definitive transplant.

This will not only promote better rooting of the plant , but will also allow it to grow really healthy. After the first month and a half, it will be necessary to substantially reduce the application of the fertilizer, because from that moment on there is a risk that the fertilizer will make the plant grow but the fruits will not.

What is used to fertilize tomatoes

To fertilize tomato plants, you can use earthworm humus, applying it either every 15 days or monthly; powdered and/or liquid guano, applying it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or any other type of ecological fertilizer.

It is necessary to take into account that in order to promote the growth and flowering of tomatoes , it is usually most convenient to use a fertilizer that has a high content of potassium and phosphorus. For this reason, several of the fertilizers known as “balanced” are recommended, which are currently available on the market, because they have the same proportion of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen.

It is essential to acquire a fertilizer for tomatoes that has the above elements, since in addition to enriching its nutrients, it strengthens the plant against any attack .

TomatoesBeing edible products , it is advisable to opt for a natural fertilizer especially suitable for organic farming; because said seal ensures that it is a product that does not have any type of chemicals.

Some natural and organic fertilizers that you could use are:


It is possible to buy bags of manure in most of the stores dedicated to the sale of gardening products, also if you have rabbits, chickens and/or goats, you can also use their droppings, since they contain a high nitrogen content , the They serve as fertilizer and can be added directly to the soil.

Banana peel

Simply place the banana peels in a hole on top of the planting or bury them under the mulch, and they can be used as fertilizer .

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