Vegetables for the winter season

Seasonal fruits and vegetables should generally have an important weight on our shopping list and this is because apart from the fact that they provide a large number of benefits for the conservation of their vitamins as well as minerals, from the Likewise, they are much cheaper.


  • 1 List of vegetables for the winter months
    • 1.1 Artichokes
    • 1.2 Celery
    • 1.3 Swiss chard
    • 1.4 Eggplant
    • 1.5 Broccoli
    • 1.6 Zucchini
    • 1.7 Red cabbage
    • 1.8 cauliflower
    • 1.9 Spinach
    • 1.10 Chicory
    • 1.11 Pea
    • 1.12 The Pepper
    • 1.13 Tomato

List of vegetables and vegetables for the winter months


Artichokes are part of the vegetables that have diuretic properties as well as being one of the vegetables that contains the greatest amount of fiber. They have an enormous detoxifying power that makes artichokes one of the most suitable vegetables to eliminate each of the substances that They cause damage to our health.


Celery is one of the vegetables that is considered the lightest that can exist, and this is because its water content is around 95%.

Since celery has diuretic properties , we have the possibility of making drinks that are as nutritious as, for example, a smoothie for the bladder, since it is full of benefits for our urinary system.


Swiss chard planted in the gardenWith regard to chard, we have the opportunity to find a vegetable that has a large amount of vitamin A as well as vitamin K, apart from the fact that it seems to be a vegetable that has a high content of beta-carotene.


Eggplant is a vegetable that can be used with great versatility and we can say that this is one of the foods that offers us many benefits to improve our blood circulation. Similarly, it has been proven that it has an effect of many benefits for our digestion.


BroccoliBroccoli is one of the foods that has a large amount of vitamin C in its components, apart from the fact that it turns out to be an excellent content of nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium, folic acid and also iron.


With zucchini we have the possibility of preparing delicious recipes of any kind, since we are talking about one of the vegetables for the winter months with the most flavor that exists, apart from the fact that its content contains vitamins that belong to group A, B3 vitamins and also vitamin C.

Red cabbage

Diseases and pests of cauliflowerIf we have the opportunity to discover the red cabbage, it can be something that brings a lot of benefits for the health of our eyes , since in its content there are different elements that act in a beneficial way for the health of our entire sight.


Cauliflower is one of the vegetables that has many properties that are full of benefits for our system, despite the smell it releases the moment it is cooked. This is a food that has essential minerals in its content , such as potassium and calcium.


SpinachSpinach is a green leafy vegetable that is one of the most suitable foods to combat stress, which we can include in our diet. Spinach also contains many nutrients such as vitamins as well as minerals.


In endive we can find a vegetable full of freshness ideal for salads and with a high fiber content, which is of great help to detoxify our body.


seed vegetableThe pea is a legume that has enormous properties that are beneficial for our health, because it has a high content of carbohydrates as well as proteins, apart from an excellent amount of vitamins that are part of the B complex.


The pepper becomes a unique vegetable due to the high amount of nutrients that we can find in its composition.


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The tomato is a food with a lot of versatility , just as it is used to prepare different dishes.

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