What are the cares that a bonsai should have?

Bonsai is a tree that has been worked for many years – sometimes centuries – and is grown in a tray of ever lower height. But when it reaches our hands, taking care of it and keeping it in such good condition can turn out to be a very complex task.

Even so, I hope that from now on it will be less so for you after explaining what care a bonsai should have . 


  • 1 Where should I put it?
  • 2 How often should I water it?
  • 3 Should I pay?
  • 4 When to transplant it?
  • 5 Does it require pruning?

Where should it be placed?

Azalea bonsai in bloom

The bonsai is one of the most delicate plants that we can find in a nursery. To help it adapt better it is necessary to place it outside, in semi-shade . Now, you have to know that there are species that are very cold, such as Serissa phoetida or those of the Ficus genus that must be protected from low temperatures by placing them inside a home away from drafts.

How often do you have to water it?

The frequency of irrigation will vary depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves, as well as the location of the bonsai . Thus, if we have it in full sun during the summer it may be necessary to water it every 1-2 days and the rest of the year every 4-5 days; On the other hand, if it is inside the home during the hottest time of the year, it will have to be watered every 2-3 days and in winter once a week.

You have to water from above, that is, watering the land. Only during the summer season can we use the tray method, that is, filling a tray with water and placing the bonsai inside for about 30 minutes to absorb the water.

Should it be paid?

Of course. From the beginning of spring to the end of summer, it is advisable to fertilize with a liquid fertilizer for bonsai, following the instructions specified on the product packaging.

When to transplant it?

During the first year it will be better not to transplant it. But from the second and every 2 years we will have to do it at the end of winter , when growth has not yet resumed (or in other words, when the buds have not yet swollen).

Does it require pruning?

No more than necessary. Normally, when we buy a bonsai or a bonsai project, we take a plant that already has a defined style , therefore, we will only have to worry about trimming the branches that are out of that style.


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