What are the most effective nematode repellents?

Nematodes are worms that can cause many problems to plants, specifically their roots. Normally, it is healthy for there to be a population of these living beings, as they help keep the earth aerated, but if they multiply excessively, they will soon weaken our beloved plant beings.

So what are the most effective nematode repellents? Well, even if it seems strange to you, what works best are repellent plants.

A very effective -and beautiful- way to control and even eliminate nematodes is by placing some plants in the garden. Plants like these:


  • 1 marigold
  • 2 Dahlia
  • 3 Castor
  • 4 rue


Calendula officinalis, one of the first to bloom

Calendula is an annual or perennial herbaceous plant -depending on the species- native to the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor that reaches a height of about 40-50cm . It produces orange daisy-shaped flowers in spring, and the most interesting thing is that they only need sun and a little water to be perfect.


Red dahlia, perfect for decorating

The dahlia is a plant native to Mexico that produces flowers so elegant that they could well seem artificial to us. Fortunately, they are alive, and the best thing is that they are very easy to care for . Put them in a sunny spot and enjoy them while they repel nematodes.


Ricinus communis

The castor is a bush or small tree native to tropical Africa that has very beautiful green or purple palmate leaves that reach a maximum height of 6m . It is a poisonous plant, especially its seeds which should NOT be consumed under any circumstances as it could be fatal.



Rue is a highly branched shrub native to southern Europe that reaches a height of between 70 and 100cm . It has semi-perennial leaves, glaucous green, and also produces flowers grouped in yellow clusters. It resists drought, and as if that were not enough, it has medicinal properties .

The nematodes will be able to do nothing if we put these beautiful plants in the garden

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