What is needed to plant a tree

Planting a tree is one of the most wonderful experiences that any gardener can have. It is giving a living being the opportunity to have magnificent growth and development by giving its root system all the space it needs. But if done wrong, it can seriously harm you.

To avoid this, we have to use the right tools and do it at the most appropriate station. Let ‘s see what it takes to plant a tree with guarantees of success.


  • 1 When to plant a tree in the garden?
  • 2 What is needed to plant it?

When to plant a tree in the garden?

In general, it is much more recommended to do it in late winter , when the risk of frost has passed; however, if we live in an area with mild autumns and winters, where the temperature does not drop below -2º or -3ºC, we can plant it without problems towards the end of summer.

Why can’t it be done in the middle of spring or summer? The answer is simple: the plant is full of life. The sap, which is produced in great quantity, circulates through the vessels found inside the trunk and branches. If we make a wound or if a root breaks, it will lose a lot of this sap, which will weaken it.

What is needed to plant it?

garden hoe

It will depend on the size of the tree, both the one it has now and the one it will have once it reaches adulthood. It is very important to choose the right location thinking about the space it will occupy when it finishes growing , otherwise sooner or later we would be forced to extract or cut it down.

Based on this, what tools are needed?

  • Hoe – It is one of the basic gardening tools. There are various sizes: there are smaller ones and others larger and heavier. If the tree is small, 1 meter tall or less, a small one will suffice, unless we want to make the hole quickly, in which case we would take a large one.
  • Pickaxe : if we have a very hard terrain or with a lot of stone, the pickaxe will be very useful.
  • Water – Either in a watering can or bucket. After planting it is necessary to water.
  • Gloves : recommended to avoid ending up with sores on your hands caused by the repetitive movement and the effort involved in digging a hole with the hoe.
  • Garden wheelbarrow : especially advisable if we want to improve the earth that we have extracted from the hole by mixing it with organic fertilizers or substrates that facilitate drainage (perlite, expanded clay balls, river sand).
  • Appropriate clothing : although it is true that if we want to plant a young tree – which we can hold with one hand – clothing is the least important thing, if it is a good-sized tree for our own safety we will have to wear gardening boots, in addition to keep all parts (except the face, of course) covered.

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