When and how to graft an avocado plant

Non-grafted avocados usually take a long time to bear fruit, however, and in the case of grafted avocados , after two years it is possible to obtain a large load of avocados. Being an essential means to propagate the avocado plant, grafting turns out to be practically the only one through which you can acquire the varieties of avocados that you want to plant, since when they are planted and after a month, the seeds tend to to lose their vitality and usually take between 10-15 years for the tree to fully develop and bear fruit.

Avocado grafting produces new growth that can be used for both new plantings and to repair existing trees; that is why commercial producers use grafts as a form of production, because in these cases grafts are very viable.


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When to graft an avocado

When to graft an avocadoChoosing the right time throughout the year to graft an avocado is essential and for that, spring is usually the best season .

It is possible to graft the avocado both with spikes and spikes during two times of the year, which are with live bud, the first days of June; which means that it will continue to grow until the months of August/September or with a dead bud, during August and September; which means that the graft will remain stopped during the winter and will begin to grow during the next spring.

In the case of the temperature needs of a graft, it should be kept in mind that the most ideal would be between 60-90º Fahrenheit and not a temperature lower than 45º Fahrenheit. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the graft is also done for two reasons :

To make it bear fruit in less time.

So that the fruits of the graft have the characteristics that are wanted.

How to make an avocado graft

Avocado grafting is a breeding technique that can be used not only to start the growth of new trees , but also to rejuvenate mature trees. To carry out the graft, it is necessary to take into account that it must be done when the stem of the original plant is around 1cm in diameter, which is normally achieved when it has been planted for four or six months and to do so , a “T” shaped cut must be made in the root, with a separation of 30cm from the ground.

For that you have to use a grafting knife , with which you will cut 2.5cm vertically and 1/3 horizontally of the diameter of the tree.

Then and carefully, the flaps of the bark should be peeled off, being careful not to remove them. Also, using a budding knife, the bud should be cut from a 3.8cm long stem; then you have to place the stem in the shape of a boat inside the T-cut, trying to make contact with the wood of both. The union must be covered with a tape indicated for grafts , fixing it in place and allowing the bud to be exposed, since it is a transparent tape, it will be possible to observe the progress of the grafts made.

How to make an avocado graftAfter a time of between 6-8 weeks has elapsed , the tape that covers the graft is removed. If grafting was done in the fall, new growth should be evident; while if the graft was carried out in the spring, the tape should be removed 3-4 weeks later, from the moment the graft shows the union and new growth, in addition, the remaining stems should be cut to 30cm on the union of the new shoot.

Graft types

The most recommended are:

The one with plating.

The spiked one

The one with yolk

When and how to graft an avocado plant

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