How lack of humidity affects plants

When we begin to cultivate or take care of plants, most of the time we do not think about how important humidity is for them; We only worry about watering them, which is completely logical because if we didn’t do it that way, they would soon dry up. But it is not the only thing we must do if we want them to be perfectly healthy.

To do this, I am going to explain how a lack of humidity affects plants and what measures we must take to prevent them from weakening.


  • 1 Why is humidity important for plants?
  • 2 How to take care of them when there is low environmental humidity?

Why is humidity important for plants?

Plants need a certain environmental humidity to be able to carry out their basic functions . In periods of drought, they take advantage of this humidity to compensate for their lack of moisture on the ground , but it will only be really useful if the degree of humidity is adequate, since if it is lower than it should be, the leaves will end up withering. But why? Because in such extreme situations the pores on its surface remain closed for too long.

But this is a problem, because it is through these pores that they can absorb the relative humidity of the air and, also, carbon dioxide or CO2. If we take into account that one of the main greenhouse gases is precisely CO2 and that an increase in it is raising the average temperature of the planet with all that this entails (melting ice, rising sea levels, floods, among other effects ), it is more than likely that in the not too distant future plants will have even more problems.

How to take care of them when there is low environmental humidity?

If we are in an area where the relative humidity is low, that is, it is below 50%, and as long as the minimum temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius, what we can do is spray the leaves and trunks with lime-free water. of the plants during the first hours of the morning or the last hours of the afternoon. In this way, we will ensure that they can continue to perform their functions without difficulty.

Green leaves of the Hoya carnosa or Wax Flower

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How lack of humidity affects plants

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