How to have better harvests

The orchard is the area of ​​the land where vegetables are grown and fruit trees are also planted. It is the corner where the gardener or gardener spends a lot of time taking care of some plants that, sooner or later, will serve as food. But, is there any trick to improve the quality of the fruit?

The truth is yes. Several things can be done. Next I will explain how to have better crops without having to spend hardly any money on it. 


  • 1 Prepare the ground
  • 2 Fertilize the garden
  • 3 Don’t put the plants too close together
  • 4 Water frequently
  • 5 Treat plants with natural products

prepare the ground

Prepare the ground before sowing

It is very important to prepare the ground before planting anything, as this will ensure that the plants can take root easily and quickly. Therefore, we have to remove the grass and stones and then level the ground a bit . Also, if we want, we can put an anti- herb mesh so that these plants do not bother those in our garden.

fertilize the garden

Enriching the soil is essential to have excellent harvests . And it is that, in addition to water, plants need ‘food’ to be able to grow healthy and strong. Therefore, we must fertilize with organic fertilizers such as manure , guano or compost and mix the fertilizer with the soil with a rake or a motorized tractor.

Don’t put the plants too close together

tomato plants in an orchard

Sometimes, to make better use of the space, what is done is to plant the plants as if to say “one on top of the other”. This, if it is already a major problem if they are grown in pots, in the garden also takes away the opportunity to have better harvests. To avoid this, we have to know the adult size of the species that we are going to plant and try to place them at a minimum distance between them so that they can have a good development.

water frequently

Especially during the summer, garden plants need a lot of water. If we want to obtain excellent harvests, we have to make sure that the precious element is not going to be missing at any time. Thus, we have to ensure that the earth does not lose moisture .

Treat plants with natural products

Red aphid on tomato

Red aphid on the underside of a tomato leaf.

Vegetables are plants that can be affected by various pests and diseases , such as mealybugs , red spider mite , or powdery mildew , among others. Before that happens, it is highly recommended to carry out preventive treatments every 15 days with natural products , such as neem oil or potassium soap , which will also serve as curatives in the event that they already have any.

With all these tips, we will surely get very good harvests.

How to have better harvests

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