How to make homemade labels for your plants

When we plant different varieties of plants or flowers in the same crop, it is sometimes difficult for us to recognize which plant is which. For this, the labels for pots are a good useful tool to recognize them correctly. In addition, it can help us to identify at all times which plant we liked so much because of its genetics and, in this way, be able to mix it with others.

Do you want to know how to make these labels?

To make these labels at home it is not necessary to spend a lot of money , since we can do it by reusing materials and creating different types of labels, making our garden more diverse.


  • 1 Popsicle sticks
  • 2 corks
  • 3 Use plastic bottles
  • 4 old spoons
  • 5 stones
  • 6 wooden clothespins
  • 7 branches
  • 8 shutters
  • 9 wooden forks
  • 10 laminated strips

ice cream sticks

toothpick label for plants

The sticks that are left over when we eat ice cream can be used to place the name of the plant and stick it in the ground. To decorate it we can use colored markers and thus put them in the preferred colors.


Bottle corks are also used to make labels. The name of the plant is written on the cap with a felt-tip pen and a skewer or wire is stuck in it so that it can be placed in the pot.

use plastic bottles

To reuse this type of material, plastic containers can be used by cutting the bottle, placing a cardboard template on which we draw the outline of the bottle and cut it out. Finally we write the name of the plant and introduce the label in the soil of the pot.

old spoons

When a spoon is already old, we can take advantage of it to write the name on it and nail the handle to the pot.


Using decorative garden stones is not only useful for making labels, but they are also a good tool for decorating your garden . You write the name of the plants on it and so they can give a cheerful touch to your crops.

Stones are very versatile elements when it comes to decoration. We can place the names with different colors, paint them completely, add drawings, etc. All this will not only serve to recognize your plants, but will also improve the appearance of your garden.

wooden clothespins

tweezers as labels

Surely we all have wooden clothespins. Writing the name on them can help us recognize the plants.


The twigs of the trees that have fallen, whose thickness allows us to write the name of the plant , can help us. Some branches may be rough, so we will need a knife peeler to make it smooth. On the smooth part we will write the name of the plant and stick it in the pot.


We can reuse the blinds to create labels. We first need to cut strips large enough to write the name of the plant and place them in the pot.

wooden forks

Just as we can use spoons, we use forks in a similar way. We can also use them with sheets of paper or foam. We place the handle on the fork on the foam sheet or paper and with the pencil and draw the silhouette of a flower. Once cut, we put the name of the plant and stick it to the fork and stick it in the pot.

With this type of decoration there are many varieties of the imagination.

laminated strips

This form is perhaps the most difficult to do, but it is quite organized and correct. They are more resistant to rain and can have a wide variety of shapes and colors.

To make them, simply write the name of the plant and cut out the cardboard of the color you want and the way you want. Then we laminated them and placed them in the pot. In this way we will have a very resistant label and where the name of the plant is seen with total clarity.

Depending on the amount of text you want to put, you can put the common and scientific name of your plants, a brief description and even a photo to make them similar to those in a botanical garden.

How to make homemade labels for your plants

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