Tips for growing tomatoes

The tomato plant is one of the easiest to grow. Its rapid growth and high productivity make it one of the most suitable for beginners. However, there are several things that we can do to obtain an excellent harvest.

Write down these tricks for growing tomatoes and discover for yourself how to ensure that your tomato plants have the necessary energy to produce many delicious fruits.


  • 1 Get ahead of the season
    • 1.1 Gradually accustom the plants to the sun
  • 2 Fertilize tomato plants when they are young
  • 3 Plant your plants in the ground…
    • 3.1 …or use a large pot
  • 4 Use home remedies to treat and prevent pests

Get ahead of the season

tomato seedbed

Tomato seeds are sown in early spring, but if you have a sprouter or a room with plenty of natural light, you can sow them earlier : mid to late winter. In this way, when the spring weather returns, you can move the plants outside, to a bright place but protected from direct sun.

Gradually accustom the plants to the sun

If you choose to plant indoors, once the temperature rises above 15ºC you have to take them outside. But it is important that you acclimatize them little by little ; that is, the plants have to be given direct sunlight little by little and gradually. Ideally, I would give them 2 hours more each week. A good calendar would be this:

  • First week: 2h each day.
  • Second week: 3h each day.
  • Third week: 4h each day.
  • Etc.

Thus, there will be no risk of burning.

Fertilize tomato plants from when they are young

Tomato in seedbed

To obtain an excellent harvest, it is necessary to fertilize the tomato plants with organic fertilizers , either with guano , manure , or earthworm humus . In the case of having them in a seedbed or pot, you have to use liquid fertilizers, since otherwise what you would do would be to make it difficult for the water to drain, which could rot the roots.

Plant your plants in the ground…

Tomato plants that grow in the ground are more likely to bear more fruit , as their roots have more room to grow. That is why, if you have land, even if it is small, it is highly advisable to take advantage of it by planting tomato plants on it.

…or use a large pot

In the event that you do not have a garden or orchard, do not worry. You can use large pots of about 40cm in diameter or more, even large paint buckets, or tires stacked in a column.

Use home remedies to treat and prevent pests

red aphid

Tomato plants can be affected by various pests and diseases , such as aphids , cochineal or spider mites . As they produce edible fruits, it is necessary that you treat them with homemade and/or natural products , such as neem oil , potassium soap or garlic. Click on the links for more information and get healthy plants.

With these tricks, you will surely have an excellent harvest.

Tips for growing tomatoes

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