What is the importance of irrigation in plants?

Without water there is no life, but it is a mistake to think that the more water plants are given, the better they will grow . In fact, as important as watering is to do it in the right measure, only when necessary. And it is that, in the same way that the human being does not spend the day drinking, the roots of the vegetal beings do not absorb large amounts of the precious liquid of the earth either.

Therefore, if we want to have perfect pots we have to know the importance of irrigation in plants . And it is none other than the one that I am going to explain to you below.

Plants need to absorb water from the ground through their roots. This is the only way they can perform photosynthesis (transform the sun’s energy into food) and also breathe . Water is made up of two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen, so literally all life breathes thanks to it.

Now, do not give them too much . Although oxygen is vital, an excess of water is also not good. In fact, in this sense, something similar to what happens to us would happen to them when we want to hold our breath for a long time under it: simply, there comes a time when we consume all the air contained in the lungs and we are forced to get out to breathe. With the exception of the aquatic ones, the rest have to receive the amount of water they need, neither more nor less.

Plants need water to grow

Now, when should you water? It will depend on the type of plant, the location and the climate, but in general you have to do it every time the soil or substrate is dry or almost dry . To know that, you have to check its humidity, for example with a digital humidity meter or by digging a little with your fingers. In this way, surely we will not have problems

What is the importance of irrigation in plants?

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