If you would like to grow rare flowers you can think about the Orchids undergrounda variety that is a real find in these times because it is in danger of extinction.

The scientific name of the underground orchids es Rhizanthella gardneri and little by little it disappears as its natural habitat is altered. These flowers are native to Western Australia and grow on a white, leafless plant whose physiognomy is a tube with a head at the end. The flowers never come to light as they grow underground.

The most curious thing about this species is that in order to receive the nutrients and thus develop, it joins the Melaleuca unicata bush through a fungus. This is how it transforms the water and the nutrients received into energy and then flourishes underground. In the flowering season, it is possible to find groups of between 8 and 90 tiny flowers that do not measure more than 3 cm underground. each. You have to be a good observer to distinguish them because they are barely visible on the surface of the earth.

Everything is strange in the underground orchids and this is how it is believed that pollination is carried out from flies and insects. Once pollinated, it takes about six months to mature.

Subterranean orchids are a great mystery of nature and although it is possible to know some of their characteristics, there are many dark spots to discover because researchers have not been able to study them thoroughly as they cannot collect too many specimens.

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Photo and source – Garden plants