How to grow the Iris flower?

Those who are flower lovers know what plant this is and there is no one who overlooks the charms of this flower, this being one of the most delicate species and beautiful of nature.

Because of their appearance, they are usually confused with orchidsHowever, they have small details that make them unique and special plants, they are born in different shades from white to vibrant blue.

Learn a little more about the Iris flower

Iris flower care

This plant is perfect for a climate where it is hot most of the year, so it is especially striking and this is the right flower for you to decorate your garden, so that it looks spectacular, exuberant, in addition to its care is very simple.

This flower unlike most of the flowers that we can find in nature, has a great variety of specieswith a little more than 200 variations, which are mostly red or bluish-toned flowers. Each of these species has unique and special details that require specific care if you want to have a plant in good condition.

It is important that before acquiring one of these species, you do some research to see if this flower is the right one to grow in your area, so that care is simpler and cheaper.

Although we commented that each species has special and unique careswe can talk about some that are common to most flowers. Now if we talk about the tropical climate, it is ideal to take into account the variations of species that are best adapted to this climate, as well as the Iris Sibirica, from Louisiana or Versicolor.

Iris flower main care

The iris flower is particular because has a kind of bulbTherefore, the best time to plant it is at the end of the summer season since the temperature is more pleasant, but it is still warm enough to help the development of this before the arrival of winter.

In case the winter is lighter where you live and the summer is much longer, it is recommended that the month of April is the best time of the year to plant the flower.

It is important that when planting the flower the bulb is left a little exposed And it is that obviously, one part must be buried in the earth, but make sure that another part is exposed, as this will promote the proper development of the flower.

If you completely bury the bulb, may stunt flower growth. Another factor that is important to take care of is the proximity of these flowers when growing them, since the ideal is that they have a separation of thirty centimeters so that in this way they grow healthy, otherwise, the roots will not have enough space to grow.

Growing the Iris flower in a pot

Iris flower cultivation

In case you think grow it at homeit is recommended that each Iris has its own pot.

When taking care of the structure of the plant you have to pay attention to the humidity that is provided, ideally they should have good drainageIn the case of pots, keeping a ceramic plate will help.

Another very important thing is watering, it must be very frequent, mainly in the development of the Iris flower, in general one watering every five or seven days will be ideal for its growth. As the plant grows, the waterings should be less frequent and depending on the climate, for example, if the winter becomes very humid and pleasant, you can stop watering for this season.

During this season it is also normal for some dry petals to appear, this indicates that the health of the flower is being affected and they must be carefully cut.

How to grow the Iris flower?

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