What flowers to give to a mother

As you know, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May in Spain. This year it falls on May 1, which is also Labor Day. It is likely that you are thinking about what to give her and we suggest you surprise her with a flower. But what flowers to give to a mother?

Whether your mother is still by your side, or whether she watches over you from heaven, a flower can make her eyes light up and she will thank you for the detail with a smile. And that is well worth the search.

If you are thinking about what flowers to give to a mother, we are going to help you in your search by recommending some of the best ones. Surely at least one will be the one you like.



Roses are one of the most common flowers to give as gifts. They are given to lovers, children, book lovers… and, of course, also to mothers.

However, within the roses we have many colors to choose from.

The red ones are characteristic of lovers, but you could give it to a mother because they also mean admiration and respect. Now, maybe there are two better colors.

We speak of pink, symbolizing friendship and openness in a relationship; or the yellow ones, which are joy and friendship.

And the white ones? They mean that they are “pure, innocent”, which is related to something that will last forever.


give tulips

Did you know that the tulip is one of the flowers with the most energy and strength that, even cut, continues to grow? Well, if we think of a mother, which she is able to draw strength from where there is none to take care of their children, this flower is one of the most indicated.

They mean joy and sympathybut we have seen it more with the force that every mother exudes when she has to take care of her children.


Hydrangeas for a mother

La hydrangea It is one of the best known flowers in Spain and who more and who less, has seen it or relates it to some memory.

If this happens to your mother, the most normal thing is that If you give him these flowers, you will make him remember those beautiful moments he lived when looking at them. well when she was a child, when she started with your father or in any family situation.

Of course, the best way you should give hydrangeas is in pots since in May they are in full splendor and it is worth having at home.

Pincha here! to get a pink flower.



For a few years now, the orchid has become fashionable to decorate homes, this is one of the flowers to give to a favorite mother for many. The fact that you have several colors to choose from is a plus.

Usually the white orchid is chosen for mothers, but the truth is that there are many other colors that can be used, such as pink, orange or multi-colored varieties.

As for its meaning, these flowers represent stability, calm and enduring over time. A way to show your mother that you wish her all the best and for life

If you wish, you can give her a white orchid. click here!.



There is no doubt that a lily is one of the flowers to give to a most successful mother. And it is that, in case you do not know, it is related to mothers. It represents joy, confidence and energy, something that they always have for their children. We could say that they are the ones that They associate femininity with motherhood.

You have the advantage that there are different colors although the most common for mothers are white and pink. In fact, a bouquet of flowers with those colors, or giving brushstrokes of others (blues, oranges, yellows, etc.) can make it a precious gift.

And if you prefer to give him something more lasting, you can consider a plant.


What flowers to give a mother: astromelia

Yes, we know. It’s a flower you probably haven’t heard of before. But the truth is that this is its charm. If you want to get out of the ordinary and surprise your mother in a more “exotic” way, why not take an interest in this flower?

You have it in different colors such as white, yellow or orange. They last a long time and are beautiful. the flowers have different shades within its color and signify lasting friendship. But in addition, it is said that each of the petals represents a part of that friendship: commitment, humor, patience, understanding, empathy and respect. Yes, there are six petals that this flower has.

Furthermore, symbol of fortune, good health and prosperity. And that’s all we want to happen to a mother.


Margaret for a mother

We recognize it. To think of a daisy is to evoke situations in which you have picked a flower (or you have seen it in series, movies or read in books) and its petals have been removed with the refrain “it loves me, it doesn’t love me”. But, do you know that it is one of the flowers to give to a mother?

Bet on the white daisies that are the ones that represent purity, joy and a new start.

For example, it could be the flower indicated if you have had quarrels, a way to start over. Or if your mother has passed away, a way to give her strength for that new beginning that she will have, but also you.



Carnations come in many colors, and it is a flower that rivals the rose itself. With more than 250 varieties, the one we recommend the most is the red one.

Why? Because means affection, love and admirationeverything we want from a mother and that we show her in this way.

Also, keep in mind that these flowers last a long time. More if instead of some flowers you give him a plant.


What flowers to give a mother: dahlia

The dahlia is one of the flowers that represents commitment to another person. According to many legends, this flower is considered a physical representation of the desire to make another person happy. Therefore, as a gift for a mother, it can be perfect.

Because a mother is wished all the best.

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There are many more flowers to give to a mother than we could quote you. But we would never finish. Our recommendation is that you try see which flower your mother likes the most and surprise her with it. Or a similar one but that is original and that is not expected. We’d love it if you recommend flowers!

What flowers to give to a mother

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