How to care for the nasturtium flower

Have you ever heard of the nasturtium flower? This is not only a beautiful plant to decorate the home, but also it has many benefits for us. In fact, in some countries it is a fairly common ingredient for preparing culinary dishes. You may find it interesting to find out how to care for the nasturtium flower, if you have any thoughts of growing it.

Before explaining the care that this vegetable requires, we are going to talk a little about what this flower is, what its properties are and how it is used in the kitchen. If you dare, you can try it one day in salad or soup, perhaps you will discover your new favorite ingredient.

What does the nasturtium flower mean?

The nasturtium flower is used in gastronomy

The nasturtium flower, also known as taco de reina or cress, has its origin in South America, specifically in the Andes region. It was introduced to Europe in the XNUMXth century and its cultivation here spread very quickly, especially as an ornamental plant. However, in some countries such as Chile or Mexico, It is quite common to consume this vegetable as food. Its scientific name, A larger trophycomes from the Greek and means “small trophy.” This name comes to the hair, since it has flowers and leaves when many other plants lack them.

The cultivation of the nasturtium flower is very simple. It adapts to almost any type of soil and potted does not require excessive care. This plant blooms during the spring and throughout the summer, with the best planting time being in late spring. As for watering, the best is to do it in small quantities and avoid getting too waterlogged.

It should be noted that the nasturtium flower can be used for hair and skin treatments. What’s more, it has a number of beneficial properties for us. We are going to list some below:

  • Antibiotics (effective against a high number of germs, such as staph, strep, and salmonella)
  • Antiscorbutics
  • Appetizers
  • Balsamic
  • Disinfectants (for acute infections of the bronchi and urinary tract)
  • Oral anti-inflammatory
  • Expectorants


As we have already mentioned above, the nasturtium flower is used in some countries as food. This vegetable began to be used in the kitchen since ancient times due to its flavor a little spicy, similar to pepper. The whole plant is usually used in some types of salad and is usually exquisitely combined with parsley, chives and tarragon.

Nasturtium flowers
How to care for the nasturtium flower

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