Why do petunias die? Causes and how to avoid it

Petunias, are they easy plants to care for? It seems so, because the seeds germinate relatively quickly and, just a few months later, they flower almost without any special care. However, sometimes they turn yellow, then brown, and finally we lose them. Why?

Because even the easiest plants to care for can suffer irreversible damage when their needs are not met. Because, Let’s answer the question why do petunias die?explaining the causes and how you can avoid them.


Petunias are sensitive to cold

Depending on the area and the climate, the petunias They can get bad as soon as the cold arrives. They are plants of tropical origin, therefore, very sensitive to low temperatures. In fact, they only resist up to a minimum of 14ºC. This means that if we leave them in the patio or on the balcony during the winter and the mercury in the thermometer drops too low, our plants will wilt and end up dying.

How to avoid it? It’s simple: putting them in the house when it starts to drop below 18ºC. To stay tuned, you can occasionally check a meteorology website in your country (such as the AEMET if you are in Spain), or better yet, buy a basic domestic weather station, like this one:

It costs just under 15 euros, and It helps you both to know the temperature and humidity inside and outside. It will be very useful to know about humidity, because if you grow plants of tropical or subtropical origin, such as calatheas, phytonia, philodendron, pothos, etc., you should know that they need to be high; and if it happens that the one there is low, below 50%, then you will have to spray them with water so that the leaves do not turn brown.

But yes, if you bring your petunia inside, put it in a room where there is a lot of lightbut away from heating, air conditioning, and others, because the air currents generated by these devices dry the leaves.

Excess irrigation

Irrigation is a touchy subject. Water is life, but an excess of it kills any plant, unless it is aquatic. But petunias don’t need frequent watering. But they are also not plants that can be put in pots without drainage holessince if it is done, the roots will rot since the water remains stagnant inside said container.

It is something that I have seen a lot: you buy a petunia in a small pot, and the first thing you do is put it inside a pot, which, yes, is nice, but it can end the life of the plant. Therefore, this must be avoided. Let’s leave the pots without holes in their base for the aquatic onesand plant the rest in containers with holes, otherwise, they will soon show these symptoms:

  • Yellow sheets: first the oldest, and then the following.
  • Mushrooms: white or grayish mold on stems and/or leaves.
  • the flowers are spoiled: they do not open or fall prematurely.
  • Verdine: appears when the soil remains wet for a long time.

To do? First of all, we must suspend the irrigations, and later if we have it in a pot take it out of there. We will wrap the ground bread with absorbent paper, and leave it in a dry place for at least twelve hours. After that time, we will plant it in a new pot that has holes in its base, with a new culture substrate.

Lilac flower petunia
Why do petunias die? Causes and how to avoid it

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