15 plants with white flowers to give away

There are many plants that produce white flowers, and there is a wide variety of them that are ideal for gifts. As sometimes the experience that the lucky person has in caring for pots is not known, it is best to opt for species that are known in advance that do not require special care.

But if you don’t know what they are, you don’t have to worry because then we will tell you the name of several white flowers to give as a giftwith which surely that loved one will enjoy a lot.

White cove (Zantedeschia ethiopica)

The cove has large white flowers

The white cove, or if you like, the common cove, is a rhizomatous perennial herbaceous plant that reaches a height of up to 1 meter. During spring and summer it develops green and sagittate leaves, as well as stems from which a large white flower sprouts from each of them. It is so large that it can be up to 18 centimeters long. After flowering the aerial part (ie leaves and flowers) dry up, but will come out again next year. It must be placed in a place with light but protected from direct sun, which is why it is ideal to have indoors, since it also does not withstand the cold.

Cyclamen (Cyclamen sp)

Cyclamen is a small plant

El cyclamen It is a rhizomatous plant that becomes beautiful in autumn-winter, as it is when it blooms. The flowers can be pink, red, yellow or white, and they are also aromatic. Its leaves are also very pretty: rounded, dark green with whitish veins. He lives well indoors, but must be in a room where there is a lot of light; it can also be kept outside in shade. It supports the cold, but not the frost.

White carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

The white flower carnation needs sun

El clavel It is a perennial plant that grows between 40 and 60 centimeters in height. It normally blooms in spring and summer, but if the weather is warm enough it can do so until fall. For it, it has to be put in a sunny placefor example on a balcony or patio, so it can develop normally. Also, you should know that it can be used as a cut flower. It resists frosts down to -7ºC.

White dahlia (Dahlia sp)

The white dahlia is a plant that blooms in summer

La dalia It is a perennial herbaceous plant that reaches 30 centimeters in height. The leaves are green, so they contrast beautifully with the color of its flowers. These can be in a multitude of colors: red, lilac, pink, yellow, orange … and also white. To enjoy them you have to wait until summer arrives, which is why it has to be planted in spring, in a sunny place. After flowering it will dry out, but the rhizome will remain intact and can be stored until next year.

White dimorphic library (Osteospermum)

The dimorfoteca is a herb that blooms in spring and summer

The plant we know as dimorphotheque It is a perennial herb that now belongs to the genus Osteospermum (previously it belonged to Dimorphotheca, but the experts decided to separate the annual species from the perennials into different genera). Beyond that, it is a very grateful herb. If it has direct sun, and is watered from time to time, it will grow fast. It reaches an approximate height of 30 centimeters, although if it is on the ground it can be almost 1 meter wide. Its flowers appear in spring and summer, and can be red, orange, yellow and of course white. Likewise, it is interesting to know that it resists frosts down to -4ºC.

Durillo (Viburnum’s wealth)

The snowball is a shrub with white flowers

El Laurustinus, also known as snowball, is a deciduous shrub with beautiful white flowers. It grows between 4 and 5 meters in height, and has green leaves with serrated margins. It blooms in spring, producing white flowers in corymbs about 10 centimeters in diameter. It must be grown outdoors always, in a sunny place, and it is also important that it be watered from time to time. It resists well the frosts up to -13ºC.

Spatiphilian (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

Spatifilo is a white-flowered houseplant

El spatiphile it is a lovely houseplant. It has glossy dark green leaves up to 65 centimeters long, and spadix flowers that sprout in spring and summer. It is perfect for growing in spacious rooms where a lot of light comes in from outside. What’s more, You only have to water it twice a week during the time when it is hotter, and less often the rest.

Wax flower (fleshy hole)

The wax flower is an indoor climber

La wax flower It is an indoor climbing plant that reaches 6 meters in height. It has dark green oval or elliptical shaped leaves, and they are fleshy. It produces white flowers in spring, grouped in clusters that are made up of a multitude of florets of about 2 centimeters in diameter. It can not lack light (but not direct) nor irrigation. These will be moderate, since it does not support excess water at its roots.

White flower hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa sinensis)

The hibiscus is a small shrub

The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis It is a deciduous or evergreen shrub – it all depends on the climatic conditions in the growing area – which can reach a height of up to 2 meters; however, it does not usually exceed the meter. There are different varieties and cultivars that produce beautiful flowers of various colors, including white. The one in the image for example is a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis “Dainty White”. It is outdoor, and must be placed in a sunny place. Of course, if the area where it is there is frost, the ideal is that it be planted in a pot, so that you can put it at home when it refreshes.

White flower hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla)

Hydrangeas are medium shrubs

La hydrangea It is a deciduous shrub that is usually among the favorite plants to give as gifts. The reasons are varied: it is the ideal size to be grown in a pot throughout its life (it does not exceed 60 centimeters in height), although it is also beautiful in the garden; It needs moderate watering and the best thing is that it blooms for weeks in spring and summer. But It is important that it is watered with rainwater or low-lime water, since if an alkaline water is used, the leaves become chlorotic. Otherwise, it supports weak frosts, but if you live in an area where winters are very cold, you can grow it at home.

White rockrose (Cistus albidus)

The white rockrose is a small shrub

La white rockrose It is a perennial shrub that reaches a height of between 50 centimeters and one meter. It has green leaves of about 5 centimeters in length, and blooms in spring. Its flowers can be pink or white, and are approximately 5 centimeters in diameter. It likes the sun very much, so it has to be grown outdoors. It resists drought, as well as frosts down to -15ºC.

China jasmine (Jasmine polyanthum)

Chinese jasmine is a climber that has small white flowers

El china jasmine it is an evergreen climber that reaches 6 meters in height. It has dark green foliage on the top and lighter green on the underside, and blooms from late winter to spring. It produces many white star-shaped flowers which give off a very pleasant aroma. In addition, it is suitable for beginners, since it is possible to have it outside, in a sunny place, and water it two or three times a week during the summer and less the rest of the year. It resists frosts down to -7ºC.

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis)

The lily of the valley is a beautiful plant with white flowers

El Lily of the valley It is a perennial rhizomatous herb that reaches a height of 30-35 centimeters. It develops simple, lanceolate green leaves and small white bell-shaped flowers of great ornamental value. For this reason, The plant is ideal as a gift, as it is also shady and resistant to frosts down to -18ºC.

White roses (Rosa sp)

White roses are great

The roses They are shrubs that are frequently grown in gardens, as well as on patios and terraces. They are very interesting to give to beginners: they grow both in the sun and in semi-shade, withstand cold and frost, and only need to be watered and pruned occasionally. There are different varieties that have white flowers, like “Snow White” or “Claire Austin”, all of them have to be cared for in the same way.

White tulip (Tulipa sp)

Tulips are bulbous that bloom in spring

El tulip it is a small bulbous, which reaches 20 or 30 centimeters in height. It develops green leaves in spring, and soon after it produces flowers of different colors, including yellow and white. You can never lack light, in fact, it is best to be exposed to the sun’s rays directly. Also, it has to be watered from time to time. After flowering it is possible to store the bulb in a dry place, or to leave it where it is without watering. Very well resistant to frosts down to -15ºC.

Did you like these plants with white flowers to give as gifts?

15 plants with white flowers to give away

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