The most beautiful roses in the world

If there are plants that symbolize beauty, it is undoubtedly the rose bushes. It is true, the vast majority have strong stingers that can scratch our skin easily, but their flowers are so beautiful that a garden or terrace that has several specimens will look more beautiful if possible.

Although it is impossible to choose the most beautiful roses in the world because we are talking about something subjective, yes we are going to show you the ones that are most beautiful for us.

Selection of the most beautiful roses in the world

If you would like to have a few beautiful roses in your garden, or if you prefer to grow them in a pot or planter, enjoy our selection:

Rosa ‘Alberic Barbier’

There are many beautiful roses in the world

It is a climbing rose cultivar that comes from the cross of Rosa luciae x ‘Shirley Hibberd’, which was awarded in 1993 by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society, or Royal Horticultural Society). It grows to a height of between 4 and 8 meters if it has support, and although it may have some thorns, it is not usual. The flowers are cream-colored, with a yellowish center, and fragrant.. They are about 4 centimeters in diameter, and flower only in spring or summer.

Rosa ‘Benjamin Britten’

Place your rose bushes outside

It is a modern rose cultivar obtained in 2001 by rosalista David Austin, and which was awarded in Australia in 2005 with the Certificate of Merit. It grows as a low shrub, 1,2 meters tall, with glossy dark green leaves. The flowers have no more and no less than 41 pink petals, and are approximately 10 decimeters in diameter. These sprout throughout the year.

Pink ‘Chrysler Imperial’

Rose bushes are thorny shrubs

The ‘Chrysler Imperial’ is a rose cultivar that belongs to the Grandiflora group. It is a work by the American rose artist Walter Edward Lammerts in 1952. Since then it has been awarded several times, for example in 1953 by the All-America Rose Selection, or in 1965 with the James Alexander Gamble Rose Fragrance Award. It is a shrub that does not exceed 2 meters in height, and that produces large flowers, with 45-50 red petals, which give off an intense aroma in spring-summer.

Rose ‘Duet’

Rosa Duet is a cultivar

The Rose ‘Duet’ is a cultivar that was obtained by Herb Swim, an American rose grower, in 1960. In 1961 it received the All-America Rose Selections award. It belongs to the group of tea hybrids, and it is a plant that reaches a height of 1-1,5 meters. The flowers have 26 to 40 pink petals, and they bloom in spring and summer.

Rosa ‘Francois Juranville’

There are hundreds of cultivars of pretty rose bushes

It is a climbing rose belonging to the group of Wichurana hybrids, which are modern garden roses. It was obtained by the rosalista René Barbier in 1906. It reaches an approximate height of 7 meters if it has a support on which to lean. In spring-summer it produces pinkish flowers, with a soft aroma, and with a size of 7 centimeters in diameter.

Rosa ‘Glamis Castle’

Rose bushes are grown outdoors

This is another cultivar from David Austin. He obtained it in 1992, and it is part of his collection of English roses. It grows as a medium shrub, between 60 and 120 centimeters tall, and with whitish flowers that have 120 petals the largest. These sprout from spring to late summer, and sometimes even in fall.

Rosa ‘Iceberg’

The Iceberg Rose is white

The Rosa ‘Iceberg’ is a floribunda rose obtained in Germany by the rose grower Reimer Kordes in 1927. Of this there are two varieties: one that grows as a shrub up to 1,5 meters high, and the other as a climber of 3-5 meters in height. height. The flowers are white, 5 centimeters in diameter and fragrant; in addition, they are composed of between 25 and 35 petals. As a curiosity, you should know that he was awarded the gold medal of the »Royal National Rose Society» in 1958.

Rose ‘La Minuette’

Rose bushes are easy plants to care for

It is a beautiful cultivar of the American rose tree Water Edward Lammerts, who obtained it in 1969. It is within the group of Floribundas Roses, and it is a shrub that grows up to 60 centimeters in height. The flowers are of a delicate reddish color on the margin and whiter towards the interior.. In addition, they have between 17 and 25 petals, and they sprout in spring and summer.

Rosa ‘La Sevillana’

The Sevillian rose bush has red flowers

Despite its name, the sevillian rose It is a cultivar that was obtained in France by the rose artist Marie-Louise Meilland in 1978 that has been awarded several times, for example in 180 by the AJJH (French association of journalists and garden photographers). It is a modern rose with a bushy bearing that grows between 60 centimeters and 1,20 meters in height. Its flowers sprout throughout the season, that is, spring, summer and until autumn, and are red. These are approximately 6-7 centimeters in diameter, and are fragrant.

Rosa ‘Manyo’

Rose bushes are grown in pots or in the ground

It is a rose cultivar obtained in Japan in 1988 by the rose-grower Seizo Sukuzi. It is a shrub that grows up to 90 centimeters in height, with a few large flowers of about 8 centimeters in diameter whose petals are orange. These sprout in spring and summer.

As you can see, there are many beautiful roses in the world. Of different colors and sizes, some give off an intense aroma that you can feel as you approach them, while there are others that, without being fragrant, are so beautiful that they deserve a place in the garden or on the terrace. Therefore, we hope you liked the ones we have selected for you.

The most beautiful roses in the world

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