How to remove aphids from roses?

Aphids are parasites that, although small, can cause many problems for rose bushes. These beautiful plants start to bloom in spring and stop in fall, but when invaded, the flower buds cannot open and eventually wilt prematurely. ¿How to remove aphids from roses? With effective products, of course.

Here we tell you the most effective remedies so that you can say goodbye once and for all to these unwanted tenants.

What are aphids

aphids on stems

We are talking about small insects that are capable of sucking the sap of the plant. The problem with these insects that can become a pest is their reproductive capacity. They have a great capacity to reproduce and at high speed. Many of the species of aphids that attack our crops has become one of the most destructive pests both agriculture, horticulture, forestry and urban green spaces.

Depending on each species they are capable of causing different damage to crops. Let’s see what the main damages are to be able to recognize the species in time:

  • Aphids They suck nutrients from the plant and reduce its growth. It can be easily seen when a deformation of the leaves or even their wilting occurs.
  • The excess sugar they absorb is secreted in the form of molasses. This makes the leaves and fruit look and feel sticky. The bold that grows on the secreted molasses will make the plant dirty, as far as it can be seen with the naked eye. One of the negative effects is that it damages the photosynthesis process. Plants and fruits that are dirty and sticky cannot be traded, so it also affects production.
  • Aphids they are capable of transmitting toxic substances to the plant through their saliva. As a symptom we can see a deformation of the apical zone of these plants that are infected.
  • As well they can transmit viruses as is the one on the neighbor’s mosaic.


how to remove aphids from roses

We must know that the month of June is considered the month of the rose. And it is that the most beautiful roses blooms in during this month. So that the roses can reach the period of maximum flowering, the main ones to protect the plants against pests such as aphids. Keep in mind that prevention is our best weapon to learn how to eliminate aphids from roses. Between the months of April and May, aphids multiply rapidly due to the hot and dry weather conditions. These environmental conditions are perfect for these insects to develop quickly.

We see that the damage caused by aphids in roses stand out for being glossy, sticky and somewhat discolored report sheets. The damage caused by aphids begins when they insert their proboscis into the plant to reach the sap. This sap is excreted in the form of molasses and serves to also increase the invasion of fungi and other insects.

We are going to give some tips to prevent the infestation of these insects. Prevention begins once we acquire our roses. We must make sure that when buying they are healthy and strong plants. The healthy ones are those with a deep rooted root and at least 3 spreading stems. Its leaves should be green and look healthy. For bare root roses it is preferable to use propagation and in good condition with stems and as many fine roots. Strong growth is beneficial against pests. That is, if the plant grows stronger and healthier it can prevent the appearance of these insects.

Growing the rose based on natural processes also helps prevent pests. Excessive amounts of nitrogen fertilizers a deficit of water promote the attack of aphids. You must take into account the planting guidelines and attention to detail when buying the roses.

How to remove aphids from roses chemically

Let’s see what are the main pesticides that can help us against these aphids.

  • Search for: it is a natural pesticide. You just have to spray on the roses and it will help to inhibit the bet of the eggs, thus preventing procreation. It must be used as soon as possible to the flowering season. You can buy it here!.
  • Chemical pesticides they must be used according to their instructions. This causes the pesticides to penetrate the plant and be absorbed by the aphids through the sap. We should only use it in exceptional cases, since pesticides damage the environment.

How to remove aphids from roses naturally

Lupine flowers, a plant that repels aphids


Yes, yes, something as basic as water can kill aphids. And it is that these insects are favored by the warm and above all dry environment, so that if we pulverize the flower buds from time to time we will be able to end the plague. Of course, it is important that we use water without lime and that we do it in the early morning or at dusk to avoid the magnifying glass effect (the sun’s rays, when they come into contact with the water, burn the plant).


If there are no ladybugs in our garden or patio, we can use one of the most effective “grandmother’s” remedies: soapy water. We fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of soap – if possible ecological -, we stir it a couple of times so that everything mixes well, and it is ready to use. We will also use it when the sun is low.


Nettle (Stinging nettle) is one of the most useful herbs on the planet. Besides having very interesting medicinal properties, helps us to eliminate aphids. To do this, we have to mix half a kilo of fresh plant in 5 liters of water. Then, we cover the container and stir from time to time. Once it is decomposed, we strain it and let it rest for a day before using.


There are a number of plants that repel aphids and are also very beautiful. Among them, we have lupines, honeysuckle and, also, nettle.

Sticky traps

One way to control the aphid population is to set yellow sticky traps. These parasites will be attracted to color, but once they come into contact with them they will not be able to detach.

Do you know other home remedies to eliminate aphids from rose bushes?

How to remove aphids from roses?

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