Papaver orientale: the most beautiful poppy for decoration

Today we are going to talk about a beautiful, attractive plant that makes it perfect for gardens due to its high ornamental value. It’s about the Oriental papaver. Its common name is oriental poppy and it is the most widely used of all poppy varieties. It can be used to decorate both indoors and outdoors and is widely used for decorating public spaces. The main reason that it has this ability to decorate comes from its elegance, the perfect size and the beauty of its unique flower.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you all the characteristics, cultivation and care of the Oriental papaver.

Key features

flowers with an orange color

It is a perennial plant, so it does not change its leaves during the fall and winter season. The flower, for which the plant stands out, is large and orange in color. Unlike other varieties, it has green leaves, with a toothed and pointed shape. It stands out for having blades with saw-shaped edges that makes it a quite elegant and pretty poppy variety. Like the rest of the varieties, we present the perfect size that makes it ideal for both interior and exterior decoration. And it is that if it is kept in good condition and is given the necessary care it can reach half a meter in height. This length is perfect for both places.

This makes the height just enough so that its width is nice. It has a large width so it gives a feeling of majesty without having to be too tall. Although there are numerous varieties of poppy, the Oriental papaver It is the most used for interior and garden decoration. The reason for this is that the flower it has is the largest that is found. In addition, the orange color has a quite striking hue that allows you to combine colors with other plants and create real precious places.

Uses of Oriental papaver

papaver orientale varieties

It is considered as the both decorative and showy plant that exists. This makes its price somewhat higher, especially if we compare it already planted and grown. Its seeds are somewhat cheaper but you run the risk of not knowing well which ones They are your care and not allow it to grow in good condition. To do this, later on we will explain what are the necessary requirements for the plant to grow and develop maximum splendor.

The most common color in the Oriental papaver is that orange. However, there are other varieties with colors ranging from pink, purple, and even beige. Some of the chromatic varieties they are somewhat more romantic and have the colors of rosé wines and the winds. These colors work quite well in coastal regions where plants are also lively and brightly colored.

Cultivation of Oriental papaver

oriental papaver

To know the cultivation of the oriental poppy care, first of all we must know the place where it must be cultivated. As we have mentioned before, the Oriental papaver It can decorate both indoor and outdoor. This makes the location not matter too much. We are going to see some of the nuances that we must take into account if we are going to place it indoors or outdoors.

They can be placed indoors, outdoors, in a pot or on the ground. The important thing if we place it outdoors, it receives constant light but indirectly. It is not a plant that can receive direct sunlight. If it is continuously exposed to solar radiation, its leaves and flowers may wilt. This is achieved with shaded or semi-shaded areas. Outdoors you can place them near walls or at the foot of trees. In this way, get enough light to grow but without being damaged by solar radiation.

On the other hand, if we place the Oriental papaver indoors we must know that the ideal is to be near a window. Thanks to this location we can avoid heat sources such as kitchens, heaters or any type of air conditioner. In addition, it will receive adequate light since solar radiation is more likely to enter the window.

The time to plant the oriental poppy would be at the end of October, since to finish and grow it is good for a high humidity and cooler temperature. This time of year is perfect due to the reduction in temperatures and the first rainfall of the year. To cultivate we must follow the following points:

  • Get the seeds– They can be obtained from dried flower buds of other crops or can also be purchased in specialized stores.
  • Plant the seeds: it should only be spread on the ground and they are quite fine seeds. If you distribute them evenly, they will be more successful in their growth. You just have to water and they bury themselves.
  • Germination: 10 after being sown, the first green shoots usually come out.
  • Harvest: the seeds are harvested once the flower has lost all its leaves. The cocoon should be left alone and we let it dry. Once it is dry, we remove it. From this cocoon is where we get all the seeds for the next planting.

Oriental poppy care

We are going to see what the care of the oriental poppy is once we have the location and its plantation. The care is quite simple. We have mentioned before, regarding the light, we must bear in mind that it must be more in the shade and that it receives indirect light. As for the ground, the best soil is a fine organic compost that can support its growth well.

Irrigation should be enough to moisten the entire area in a constant irregular way, keeping the soil well with high humidity but without flooding it. Flowering depends on the type of variety. The most normal is that it takes place in late spring or early summer.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the Oriental papaver and their characteristics.

Papaver orientale: the most beautiful poppy for decoration

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