Tips for growing roses in pots

For some, a garden without roses is not a true garden and although this statement may be somewhat extreme, no one could deny the beauty of rose bushes and the magic of their flowers that bloom at the right time to give us that prominence that we so much hope for.

Ideally grow roses on land but when the surface is scarce you can opt for the cement pots or other material, those great allies of balconies and terraces.

What is the care of rose bushes in pots? If you want to have a few on your patio or balcony, you are in luck as they are relatively easy plants to keep healthy. But for you to have them beautiful, below we will tell you what you have to do to make them well:

Choose the right pot for your rose bush

Rose bushes want a lot of water

We know of the main limitation of every pot: the small surface, that is to say, little soil so that the plants receive the necessary nutrients to grow and develop. But with proper care it is possible to overcome difficulties.

You must choose deep potsso that then the plant can spread better. To get an idea: you need about 40 cm deep in the case of miniature plants and about 60 cm in the case of English rose bushes. As for the material, it is a bit indifferent, as long as it has holes in the base. The only thing, if you opt for a plastic one, it is better for it to be for outdoor use.

It is also advisable to choose varieties of roses Don’t spread too much, or else there won’t be enough potting soil to meet your needs. Also, it won’t show off if it exceeds the capacity of the receptacle.

Fertilize your rose bushes from time to time

Another important aspect is to know that the pots are poorer in terms of the nutrients of the soil due to the low quantity and that is why special attention must be paid to the fertilizer. The ideal is to do it from spring until the end of flowering (late summer / autumn), with a specific fertilizer for rose bushes following the instructions for use (you can buy one here!).

And it is important to avoid excesses because, unlike rose bushes planted in the ground, they can burn very quickly if they receive a lot of fertilizer, as they are more concentrated in the same point.

Put them in a sunny exhibition

The rose bushes need the sun, so it places the pot in a place with full exposure. Although if it is very hot, you will have to control the plant to move the pot in case you notice that it begins to burn. But you have to know that there are two exceptions: plants that were in shade or semi-shade, and those that are sold bare root.

These should not be exposed to the star king directly, as they would suffer burns. For this reason, to avoid it, the former you will have to get used to the sunlight little by little; whereas those that have been newly planted in pots after having been bare root will have to be placed in semi-shade until new growth is seen.


Irrigation is quite an issue in the case of rose bushes, since it is not easy to take the exact measure. At some point it is a matter of trial and error, checking the plant daily to see if we have overdone the water. In summer, Potted rose bushes need daily watering if the weather is hot and dry. But in spring and especially in winter, it will be necessary to water from time to time.

When watering, make sure all the soil is well soaked. In this way your rose bushes can quench their thirst and, therefore, be healthy. You should also try not to wet the leaves because then there is a risk of promoting the appearance of fungi. Pour the water on the ground.

Pruning rose bushes in pots

You have to sharpen the pruning shears from time to time

Do you want them to give flowers (almost) all year round? If so, it is necessary that as you see that the roses wither the courts. In addition, towards the end of winter it is necessary to prune them somewhat more drastically. To do this you have to do the following:

  • Remove the stems that have the leaves smaller than the rest.
  • Reduce the length of the stems by 5 to 30 centimeters. This will depend on the size of the plant: if it measures 20-30 centimeters, it will be removed less than if it measures 50 centimeters or more. You should also know that there are those who leave their rose bushes with half their original height, and they go well, but if your plants are small I do not advise it because they could weaken a lot.

Use clean scissors to avoid infection.

Put your rose bush in a sunny exhibition so that it blooms
Tips for growing roses in pots

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