How do you take care of the mini rose bush?

Rose bushes are very popular shrubs in gardens, patios and terraces. Their flowering is abundant and long-lasting, so much so that they can bloom from early spring to late fall if the weather is mild. In addition, it is very resistant to frost, so it can be grown in many parts of the globe.

While all of them can be planted in a pot and kept there for a lifetime, there is one that will look much more splendid: the mini rose bush. In appearance, it is identical to the shrubs that decorate the gardens, but it has a peculiarity and that is that it does not exceed 50cm in height. Fascinating, right? You will be able to contemplate its beautiful flowers on your balcony for much of the year, just by knowing the dear mini roses. In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics and care of mini rose bush.

Key features

indoor mini rose care

Del rosal mini also known by the name of pitiminí rosebush it is a quite attractive plant whose main characteristic is its small size. However, it has a great capacity for flowering and can live very well in a small pot. This helps make it a versatile plant for those who don’t play with too much room for decoration. We can buy it specialized. Although it is a plant mainly for the exterior in the garden, it has also been used as an indoor plant.

Such is the success of this plant that It is one of the best sellers in recent years. Within the world of the mini rose bush we have numerous varieties with a wide range of colors and sizes. This helps to generate better ornamentation for the decoration of our exteriors and interiors. There are some varieties with a smaller size and they can be grown in different pots to have a suitable proportion.

Among the best known varieties of mini rose we have the Parade. It is a variety with a very small size since it has a height between 20 and 30 centimeters and flowers with a size of between 5 and 8 centimeters. The good thing about this variety spread quite striking aroma. There are some varieties such as the Patio Hit that is somewhat larger in size. 3 Round between 30 and 40 centimeters with leaves the size of between 8 and 12 centimeters.

Aspects to consider

Contrary to what happens with normal rose bushes, mini rose bushes do not need to be grafted on rootstocks of rustic species. We can reproduce this plant through cuttings since the root system and its foliar mass are of the same variety. Before knowing specifically all the care of the mini rose bush, we must know that it will be an indoor plant initially. However, sooner or later it will have to be planted outside and that is when the care will be different.

Mini rose garden care outdoors

mini rose flowers

In order for your plant to fill with flowers year after year, you will need the following:


The mini rose, also called the pitiminí rose, unlike the others it can be kept indoors, as it does not need as much light. Now, it is highly recommended to keep it outside until winter arrives, when it will be necessary to protect it from frost at home, putting it in a very bright room and away from drafts.

In the event that you live in a warm climate, place it in a semi-shady corner, avoiding direct sun.


The watering of this rose bush should be frequent, letting the substrate dry a little between waterings. In summer it will be watered 4 times a week, while the rest of the year it will be 2-3 times / week. Take the opportunity to fertilize it with a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants throughout the growing season (spring and summer), following the instructions specified on the package.


The pruning of the mini rose bush has the same objective as that of the conventional rose bush, that is: it is pruned so that the plant continues to flower in an increasingly abundant way. It will be pruned at the end of winter, cutting the stems more or less in half. Do not forget to remove the withered flowers so that they can sprout new ones? .


Our protagonist it is very sensitive to the attack of aphids, spider mites and whitefliesso it is convenient to do preventive treatments during the warm months, with Neem Oil, making infusions with garlic or other natural remedies.

The mini rose bush is a very beautiful plant, ideal for beginners that will surely give you great satisfaction.

Indoor mini rose care

growing the rose bush indoors

Now we will explain what are the care of the mini rose bush indoors. In this case, we must focus mainly on the location to keep inside the house, watering, compost, transplanting and pruning. The main thing is the location. We must find a place in the house that is very bright. For instance, we can place it near the windows to give it the maximum amount of light possible. This is because the mini rose bush is originally an outdoor plant. It is important to place it near the window since the lack of light so that it has a more reduced flowering. Some of the symptoms of lack of light are paler colors in flower petals and even abortion of already existing flower buds.

As for watering, it should be moderate by making the excess water stay in a plate. Excess water can cause root rot, so we must control the amounts. The fertilizer must be periodic to help the plant grow properly. It is recommended once a week and use a balanced fertilizer rich in potash. If we use fertilizers rich in nitrogen, there is a fairly rapid growth with many leaves but with hardly any flowering.

For transplanting to a larger pot, you must use a peaty and fertilized substrate. It is advisable to use some type of substrate that has been similar to that used with outdoor plants.

Finally, pruning focuses only on removing some of the flowers which are already based after several months. Pruning is usually carried out between 5 and 10 centimeters above the substrate. This will help the plant to have a good rejuvenation.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the care of the mini rose bush.

How do you take care of the mini rose bush?

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