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Although The Cactus They are plants that apparently do not require much care and attention, it is important that we bear in mind that there are some diseases that can attack our plant and leave it in very bad condition. It is for this reason that we can prevent before having to cure, or simply get rid of our cactus for not having taken the necessary precautions.

Importantly, cacti are primarily seen attacked by fungiand these it is necessary to combat them before they appear, that is, to prevent their appearance, so that they do not attack our plant. Pay close attention to these tips that we bring you today, to prevent diseases that attack cacti.

First of all, it is important that you take the irrigation activitythat neither with this plant nor with any other is a simple task since doing it incorrectly could lead to many lethal diseases for your plant. You cannot overdo it with water and you must make sure that the drainage is adequate. If it is planted in a pot you must make sure that there is no type of hole that obstructs the drainage. It is also important that you water little so that it moistens but not so that the water is kept inside.

Similarly, it is very important that get rid of any cacti that have been attacked at some point due to a fungus, or that it has had a disease since it could infect other cacti and other plants that are nearby. If you want to use that pot, it is important that before planting something there, you sterilize it and remove the soil to avoid any type of contagion.

I recommend you to avoid planting cacti during winter since it is when greater damages can get to suffer its roots. In the same way, if you are thinking of performing a transplant, I recommend that you do it during the spring or summer. Remember that, if the root ball or roots are damaged, you must wait 15 days to water it, to prevent it from rotting and dying the plant.

Cactus Diseases | Gardening On

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