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For many, mushrooms They are delicious, and excellent companions, not only for delicious salads but also for elegant and succulent dishes. However, although we can grow them at home, it is important that we be very careful when making and collecting them, since there are many varieties of mushrooms that are not edible and that could end up being quite harmful to our health.

It is important that you bear in mind that fungi, unlike other types of plants, are not green, since they do not have chlorophyll, so they must depend on other types of plant matter such as wood, straw, or tree bark to nourish themselves and survive. This is why we can generally find them in the trunks of trees, among decaying plants, among other places.

If you are one of those that you love edible mushroomsI recommend that instead of spending large amounts of money, buying them in the supermarket, you decide to start growing them yourself. To grow them, you can get a kit, which is sold in specialized stores and that will offer you everything you will need for their correct cultivation. However, despite the fact that these kits have all the instructions, it is a good idea that you follow the following tips.

It is important that you always have very humid soil, so that the crop is the best. Remember what we mentioned earlier regarding the places where fungi occur, which are generally in very humid and decomposing places. In the same way, when buying your mushroom growing kit It is vital that you specify what type of mushrooms you want to grow and what size, since there are many varieties and not all are adapted to the same conditions.

Grow Edible Mushrooms Easily | Gardening On

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