On many occasions, even if we do not have a garden or an outdoor space, we can also, create our little garden indoors, growing vegetables and other types of plants in pots. It is for this reason that today we would like to give you some tips to take into account when growing tomatoes in pots. Remember that the best option we have is to grow cherry tomatoes, since they give a very good production.

This type of tomatoesThey can be planted in pots that are at least 50 or 60 centimeters deep and in diameter, since the larger the pot, the better the plant will develop and bear fruit. Keep in mind also that the pot where we plant our tomatoes must always be in the sun, but not in a very hot area, but in a lighted and dry area, to avoid delaying the growth of the fruit.

It is very important that you plant the seeds once the frosts and very cold nights have ended, so that you can ensure that the development of the plant is the best. I recommend that you sow the seeds more or less a centimeter deep, so that later you can water them with abundant water and then cover them with a transparent plastic so that the humidity is preserved and the seeds germinate. It is important that you be patient as this germination process it may take 6 to 8 days.

After this time, it is important that you choose the strongest, leaving only two plants for each tutor and then burying them at least 30 centimeters deep. In the center of each tutor, you have to make a small well to irrigationand you must water them every 5 days, although this will depend on the sun and the wind in the place where you planted them.