How to eliminate the spider mite

The spider mite is one of the most common pests that beloved plants can have. A dry and warm environment favors its growth and multiplication, something that it does very quickly, so much so that eradicating it completely sometimes costs a lot.

Still, there is nothing impossible, so if you want to know how to eliminate spider mitesdo not stop reading because we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you so that your plants can recover as soon as possible from this pest.

What is the spider mite?

Spider mite damage

The red spider, known as the red mite, spider mite or yellow spider and whose scientific name is Tetranychus urticae, is a mite that feeds on the fluid contained in plant cellswhich causes chlorotic spots. It is between 0,4 and 0,6mm in size, so it can be seen with the naked eye or with a small magnifying glass.

To know if the plant is being affected by this pest, you must look at the leaves. In them will not only appear whitish-yellowish spots, but The cobweb that weaves on the leaves will also be visible to be able to move comfortably.

How to remove it?

The most effective way to eradicate the pest is by preventing it. On one side, you have to remove the wild grass that can grow around your plants, and keep them properly paid so that they stay strong, as it is very difficult for the spider mite to affect them if they are in good health.

When it has already been present, there will be no choice but to treat it, or with neem oil or, if the case is serious, with acaricides, following the indications specified on the package at all times to avoid the risk of overdose.

With these tips you will surely be able to eliminate the spider mite.

How to eliminate the spider mite

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