The grass Wild growing out of control is a very serious problem for garden plants. By having a much faster growth rate, in addition to a high germination percentage, our favorite corner of the home does not know how we want it. But there is one thing we can do to restore harmony.

We tell you how to remove grass from the garden correctly so they don’t come out again.


Herbs are not usually welcome in a garden and it is not for less: they ‘steal’ the nutrients from the plants and, as they usually invade them, they prevent them from growing. However, if you have a how and / or a walking tractor you won’t have to worry anymore. The hoe is an excellent gardening tool for digging holes, but also for removing weeds in a small garden; On the other hand, the walking tiller is essential when you have a large field, in fact there are those who use it to aerate the soil and, at the same time, to kill weeds.

Now, herbs that grow under the plants or very close to their stems / trunks it is preferable to remove them by handOtherwise we could end up cutting them instead of the herbs. But so that they do not come out again we have to root them out. If the soil is very dry, I recommend that you water it well the day before so that the next morning they come out easily and you can work at ease.


Anyway, as long as you have enough space, I recommend that you leave a corner where the herbs can be. They are not viewed favorably, but the truth is that thanks to them your plants will have more pollinatorsand that is always appreciated, especially if you have a garden.

So, with these tips you can remove the herbs correctly.