Many of us are absolutely gardening fanaticsof the cultivation of plants, and flowers and of any activity that has to do with nature. Just as there are many technological advances, today I want to bring you the new advances that have begun to come to light in gardening issues.

Although some very traditional techniques are still used in gardening, many manufacturers of tools and accessories for this practice are doing their best to give a change to the cultivation of plants, so currently you can get different types of electronic items that can facilitate the care of our plants, saving you a lot of time and requiring less effort to achieve it.

One of these products and new accessories is the lawnmower, which today you can find practically anywhere. However, the news that we bring you today is a solar powered lawn mower and autonomously. Thanks to this type of machine we can program its schedule and forget that we have to cut our lawn.

In the same way, if you are one of those who considers hedge and plant pruning a boring and monotonous activity, today you can find electric scissors that will help you do that task in an easier and more fun way. You can also find another gadget called EasyBloom that you can place on any type of terrain and it will analyze it, telling you what type of plants you can place there, the type of soil, the humidity, among other factors.