Native to Australia and Africa, the pennyroyal is a medicinal herb It has been used for centuries, mainly to treat digestive problems, although its leaves were also burned to drive away mosquitoes.

A long time has passed since then, however its qualities are still widely recognized and that is why this plant is among the main ingredients of many medicinal and aesthetic products.

Peppermint relative


Few know that the pennyroyal belongs to the Labiadas, that is to say to the same family of the mints. That is why its scientific name is Mint wheel L and it is a perennial and highly adaptable plant that survives in almost any condition and supports all types of soils, even those with poor drainage.

Having pennyroyal at home is very simple as you will only have to have some minimal care. Since it adapts to all types of terrain, you can grow it anywhere you find, even in pots, where it will grow without inconvenience. What is important is to offer regular and frequent watering, especially during the warmer time of the year.

The plant also adapts to all types of climates and is not demanding in terms of the sun. Harvesting is carried out throughout the year and as the plant needs to be used.. In the flowers the largest amount of essential oil is concentrated, so they are the most important at the time of harvest.


Pennyroyal grass

Once the pennyroyal is collected there are several uses. The easiest thing is to enjoy it in infusions, although you can also make a tasty gazpacho. Among its medicinal virtues, is to improve digestive processes and promote the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices. It is a great antiseptic and antispasmodic and in turn helps relieve gallbladder disorders.