Before starting grow any type of plant For any type of garden, it is important that we take into account the tools that we will need to carry out this procedure. It is for this reason, that below, we bring you the most necessary tools when working on the plot. Pay close attention and take note.

The first thing we are going to need is a shovelsince it is the fundamental instrument, which not only serves to dig, but can also stir the ground or help us to bury the compost to nourish our plants. The handle of this can be made of wood, end in the shape of a “T” or a “D”, the only thing I recommend regarding this tool is that it fits easily in your hand and that it is easy to use and handle. Remember that after each one it must be cleaned very well to remove any remaining soil, compost or any other product.

Another fundamental tools It is the Fork, which usually has four teeth curved upwards. The main purpose of this tool is to lift the leaves, dry branches, or weeds that can accumulate in our garden or around our plant.

In addition to the shovel and fork, you can not forget the hoe and the hoe. The main mission of the first is to remove the weeds and soften the soil where we are cultivating, while the hoe, although it is a smaller hoe with a shorter handle, is used for gardening jobs that require much more care, for example removing the weeds. that grows among vegetables and other much more delicate plants.

The pruning shears, They are other tools that we cannot forget, since they are essential to carry out any type of pruning work. It allows us to cut dry or diseased branches easier and faster than a knife.