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Bonsai are very curious and exceptional plants. With them, we can have a piece of nature in our homeand keep them in special trays for many, many years.

They attract us so much attention that sometimes we have even been tempted to buy seeds. But… Do bonsai seeds exist?

Bonsai Azalea

When we see a miniature tree growing in a mini-tray, what we see is the result of work that has taken years, since the plants themselves grow as their genes dictate that they should. Bonsai is thus a technique for designing wonderful living works of art… that never ends. In fact, I once heard a bonsaist master say that “you see it being born, your children form it and your grandchildren enjoy it.”

With this in mind, bonsai seeds sadly they do not exist. When we buy these seeds, what we are actually taking home are, if everything goes well and they germinate, future plants to have in the garden or in a pot.

Coniferous bonsai

If we want to create our own bonsai from scratch we will have to proceed to sow it in a seedbed with a porous substrate (highly recommended to use akadama alone or with kiryuzuna in a ratio of 7: 3 so that the seedlings have an excellent start). In general, the first ones will awaken after two months and, when they have between two and four pairs of true leaves, they can be transferred to somewhat larger pots, previously cutting the taproot (it is distinguished from the others by being the thickest and longest ).

As it gets stronger we can start working on it. Of course, you should know that you have to have a lot of patience and rbroach the cycles of our treeOtherwise we could end up delaying the work for a whole year. In this article you will find much more information on how to make bonsai from seed: click here.

So now you know, don’t be fooled by those who want to sell you bonsai seeds.

Are there bonsai seeds? | Gardening On

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