Building a Home Grow Table

homemade cultivation table

Nature has a lot to offer us and it is that they are innumerable benefits that it offers us as we go into it. From medicines, resources, clothing, food …, nature is the source main source of minerals for human life since the beginning of the life of man on earth and without it, life would not be what we know today.

Today, there are millions of campaigns that aim to promote awareness of the full care of nature as a daily practice, reasoned to the importance that nature plays in the role of the fullness of human life. To this we can add the lifestyles that today we can adorn with the accessories that nature offers us. In this way, it is possible, for example, to face health problems with some plants that are found in certain environments; as well as use some plants to heal wounds.

How to build a totally homemade and inexpensive grow table

build a totally homemade grow table

build a completely homemade cultivation table

Based on the above, it is very easy to note that human life and despite dependence on nature, has set out of naturegiven that despite the large amount of contributions it has made to humanity, nature is a wild environment, which implies a danger to human well-being.

However, this has not been limiting for the human being who seeks that balance between nature and its globalized life. It is then an attribute, a virtue that in turn implies certain mishaps in terms of coexistence.

Despite this situation, there are many attempts to bring nature to the comfort of home. Part of these methods will be the subject of this article:

The cultivation tables

A space located in the comfort of home, which is conditioned to sow and harvest plants.

The cultivation tables are used to be able to harvest plants in impossible spaces For this and that is that the tables are created in order to be able to sow plants that are somehow necessary for the user.

Plants can be planted for medicinal reasonsof consumption of some specific fruit or by the simple intention of feeding the spaces of the place in a more rural way.

Creating a grow table doesn’t have to be a difficult task for everyone who needs one. Here are the steps to create one:

The first thing would be to prepare a list of materials necessary to build the cultivation table, among which we have:

Wooden boards

Scotch tape


Sand or compost.

necessary care if we plant at home

necessary care if we plant at home

The first step would be to make a wooden frame, which will represent the length of the grow table and for the frame, we will use boards at least half a meter long.

With some screws, we will level the half-meter boards to the wooden frame, in such a way that they serve as a support for the frame. Followed by this, we will develop a wooden picture that fits perfectly in the wooden frame.

The idea of ​​this box will be to serve as a base for the grow table.

With a mesh, we will cover the inside of the frame, including the walls and floor of the entire frame. It is advisable adjust the mesh to the frame and this can be done with hooks or tape.

Once the above is done, we will be able to fill in the growing space with sowing soil or compostin such a way that we condition the space for sowing in our cultivation table.

The cultivation tables can be very usefulespecially for those people who love to be close to nature or also those who for health reasons require the constant consumption of some type of plant.

The cultivation masses allow to decorate the home in the most compact way in homes.

Building a Home Grow Table

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