Diseases and viruses that affect our tomato crop

tomato diseases

Previously we were looking at the different pests that can affect our tomato crop. Among the pests we saw the whitefly, aphids, red spider, etc. Now I come to comment on the diseases and viruses that can attack our crops and with this I close this chapter on diseases of tomatoes.

Do you want to know more about the diseases and viruses that can affect your tomato crops?

Diseases that affect the cultivation of tomatoes

powdery mildew

tomato powdery mildew

tomato powdery mildew

It is a fungus that is generated in good conditions of humidity and temperature. Most mushrooms need plenty of humidity and a comfortable temperature to thrive. To be able to recognize it, we have to note that it has a whitish color and usually appear in the upper part of the leaf. As they grow and time progresses, the leaf turns yellow until it finally rots.

To be able to combat it in an ecological way we can use wettable or powdered sulfur. Also if you have an urban garden and you can put the plants in the sun, the fungus dies.


mildew on tomato

downy mildew on tomato

It is a fungus also affects the leaves of the plant. It can be recognized because light or dark green spots begin to be seen, becoming necrotic with the passage of time. A thin white veil appears on the underside that corresponds to the spores. On the stem, we find elongated brown spots that symbolize necrosis and wilting in the plant. The crop takes on a burnt appearance. On the developing fruits, soft spots with a brown appearance are generally observed in the upper half.

In order to alleviate and treat it, copper sulfate is used.


It is another fungus. This is orange on the underside of the leaf and yellowish on the upper side. It can be treated with a decoction of horsetail and can also be treated like the other two mushrooms with copper sulfate.


rot in tomato

rot in tomato

It is the best known and is produced by a fungus that causes injury to the plant. The fungus botrytis causes the affected area to turn brown, while the other produces a cottony, white area. It can be fought with potassium soap, garlic extract and copper sulfate. Although it is more useful to prevent since this way we can avoid damage to the plant. We must avoid cuts in the plant that can infect it, not have the plants very close and eliminate any area that can infect the rest.


This is a fungus that produces a black spot on both the leaves, the stem and the tomato. It can be controlled with horsetail purin, sage, nettle and tansy. Copper sulfate can also be applied.

As we can see, most fungi can be fought with copper sulfate.

Viruses that can affect tomatoes

tomato slice

tomato slice

To finish and close this chapter of affections to our tomato crops we make a mention of those viruses that can attack them. In this case, we cannot fight it, only prevent it. There are multiple viruses that attack tomatoes but we cannot fight them, only prevent them.

If general symptoms such as dwarfism and yellow color are observed in almost all the tomato plant, it is advisable to cover it with a bag, tear it off and eliminate it to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the plants. There is also a rot which is a calcium deficiency disease in the plant. This can be known when the fruit appears black underneath.

We can also find the cracked tomatoes. This occurs when temperatures drop rapidly or there is an imbalance in irrigation. To avoid this we must take care of sudden changes in temperature and maintain good conditioning for the crops, since once the tomatoes are cracked, we can do little to solve them.

Well with these tips and information we have already closed the chapter on pests and diseases that attack the tomato crop, I hope it has been useful =)

Diseases and viruses that affect our tomato crop

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