How to eliminate snails from the garden or orchard

With the arrival of the rains, some mollusks appear that, although they can turn out to be very nice, the truth is that, like all herbivores, they will want to try the odd bite of your plants. It is convenient have them controlledsince otherwise we could end up having very damaged plant beings.

So I’m going to tell you how to remove snails from the garden or orchardusing natural or chemical remedies.

Eliminate snails from the garden

the garden

These little mollusks are sometimes difficult to see during the day as they they take advantage of the hours of less light to feed themselves. With this in mind, you may only see the damage they have caused. Fortunately, we have at our disposal several products that will help us repel or eliminate them, depending on what we decide.

Chemical remedies

In nurseries and garden stores you will find molluscicides, both in powder and granules, that you will have to place around the plants you want to protect. If you have pets or small children, it is very important that you put a barrier (a wire mesh, for example) to prevent them from getting close to the product.

Natural medicine

In ecological gardening there are several natural products that will keep your garden safe from mollusks, which are: ash, it or the onion.

Remove snails from the garden

Tomato garden

In this area of ​​the garden it is very common to find snails. Perhaps our first reaction is to use chemical products, but when dealing with plants that will later be consumed, it is preferable to use natural remedies. Among them we find, in addition to ash, garlic or onion, they are snail traps that we can make at home. How? Very easy: we just have to pour a few drops of beer into plastic containers, and bury them a little in the ground.

Another option is to take them and take them away of your land. That way, you won’t have to worry .

Do you know other remedies to eliminate or repel snails?

How to eliminate snails from the garden or orchard

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