How to harvest cherries at home

plant cherries at home

Coming from cherry treethe cherry is an ovoid-shaped fruit, approximately about 3 centimeters in diameter.

Their colors tend to be dark red, deep red, and sometimes deep purple. Its flavor will depend on the type of cherryas there are two considerations for its flavor, which has led to sweet cherry and sour cherry. Its origins are located in Turkey, since this was found by a roman warriorwhich, during his trip, decided to take it to Rome with his king, which led to its consequent distribution throughout the rest of the world in a progressive way.

Get to know cherries a little better

cherries fetch high prices on the market

cherries fetch high prices in the market

Despite their diminutive size, cherries they are one of the most expensive fruits on the market and it is that they are used in exotic dishes, in some desserts and as an aphrodisiac.

Its image is highly recognized, therefore, this fruit has managed to walk on the red carpet of the entire basket that the user has to choose from in their respective market. This may be attributed to his aroma, particular flavor and import. Consequently, one of the alternatives that many consumers may consider is the possibility of harvesting cherries at home, a very practical idea given the high prices of this fruit. They are used

In that sense, this article will present the steps to follow to harvest cherries at homein such a way that the user can put them into practice, managing to enjoy this fruit without the need to deal with considerably hostile figures for our pocket.

So, the steps to harvest cherries are as follows:

The place of the seed must be kept humid and for this, the user must constantly check the place where the seed is sown.

It is recommended to water the area where you are going to plant little by little. When the taproot of the cherry begins to grow, the seed should be submerged to a depth of 7cm. This trickle of water must be maintained, so that the soil remains moist. Likewise, this procedure should be done until the seed is a small tree.

Once the tree is of considerable height, it must be moved. The height considered for this is 15 cm or at least a height at which the user considers that the roots will manage to adapt to a pot. So, once this is done, the user must take into account that there must be at least 7 meters of distance between the plants.

Apply montillo annually, which will provide protection to the plant. They must also apply prudent amounts of compost.

In addition to the above, the user must try to develop strategies to protect the plant, since its aroma and color may be attractive for insects and some birds.

During the fall, you should protect the tree from the sun’s rays -Considered hostile at that time of year- for which, you must painting the stem with white latex paint. This paint should not be toxic (for reasons of logic).

grow cherries at home

grow cherries at home

As the tree grows, the user must prune it, generating attractive shapes and at the same time, stimulating the growth of fruits.

Pollinating the flowers will be an effective way to stimulate the development of fruitsTherefore, it is advisable to find ways to pollinate it.

As we can see, cherries deserve a dedicated harvest, perhaps this is one of the reasons that makes their price somewhat outrageous.

But to all these, the user must be very precise with the exposed measurementssince this fruit does not tolerate margins of error during its harvest. Thus, the user must give constant vigilance to this fruit, since as we can see, birds and insects find it very attractivereasons why the user will have to develop strategies to be constantly glancing, avoiding the possibility of losing this fruit for environmental reasons.

How to harvest cherries at home

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