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Irrigation is the most important task we must do if we have plants under our care, but it can also be very entertaining and relaxing, especially if we hose down. And, if we pay attention only to the sound of the water when it comes out, the calming effect is almost, almost immediate.

But watering is not as simple as watering the plants. You have to take into account some things to avoid that they burn with the sun and for this we invite you to follow our tips on how to hose down.

Choose the best time to water

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Plants must be able to have water for as long as possible. So, I recommend you water them in the afternoon, when the sun is not so intense. In this way, they will be able to absorb the precious liquid through their roots that afternoon, at night, and continue to do so the next morning.

Especially during the summer, watering at dusk is very important, since during the season the soil loses moisture very quickly, which will force us to increase the frequency of irrigation to prevent the plants from drying out.

How often to hose down?

Generally, during the summer you will have to water very often, three or four times a week. If they are horticultural plants, the frequency has to be higher. However, the rest of the year it will be enough with two or three.

Use a hose gun

You do not need the same power to water seedlings as trees, so one way to save time is by putting a gun on the hose that allows us to choose how we want the water to come out: loose but constant as in the shower, direct and strong, etc.

It is very easy to placesince you will only have to put the accessory in the hose, and then insert the gun to be able to use it.

Avoid wetting the leaves and flowers

From time to time you really like to shower your plants, but it is better not to. The water that remains deposited on the leaves and flowers can be very harmfulboth in summer and winter. During the warmest season of the year, if we wet the plants when it is sunny they can burn; and during the colder season we could easily lose them if there is frost.

With this in mind, it is necessary to get used to watering only the soiland never to plants. In this way, we will ensure that they have good growth and better development.


We hope these tips are useful to you .

How to hose down | Gardening On

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