How to make a home greenhouse

As temperatures drop, our coldest plants start to have a hard time, so it is important that let’s protect them from inclement weather so they don’t end up damaged. But how do you get it?

This time I’m going to show you How to make a homemade greenhouse.

Things to know

Wooden mini ivnernadero

Before making a greenhouse, we have to know how many plants we have to protect, as well as their dimensions. Nor should we overlook sun exposure, because as we know, there will be some that need to be located in full sun, and others in semi-shade or shade. Taking this into account, we may be interested in having shelves in the greenhouse, not only to make better use of it and to be able to put more plants, but that way we can make sure that they all receive the amount of light they need.

Another important topic, perhaps the most, is the space we have to put the greenhouse. Depending on this, we will have to make a small or large one.

And now that we have all this clear, let’s get down to work.

How to make a homemade greenhouse

Home greenhouse

If you are a recycling lover like me, I recommend that you turn a shelf into a greenhouse. How? A) Yes:

  • Acquire special greenhouse plastic (it is somewhat more expensive than conventional, but its resistance is much greater), and with scissors and wire go wrapping your shelf with it.
  • To make the task of watering the plants even easier and more comfortable, put double-sided tape on the edges of each shelf.

But if you like crafts, you can choose to make your greenhouse with PVC pipes, duct tape, and greenhouse plastic. The tubes should be flexible, so that you can give it the shape you like best. To improve its stability, put wooden boards in front and back.

Thus, your plants are sure to survive the colder months without problems.

How to make a home greenhouse

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