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Watermelon is a typical summer fruit. When consumed fresh, it helps us fight the heat, and having a large amount of water becomes a substitution, at least temporarily, for bottled water. Its flavor has the exact degree of sweetness: it is felt instantly, but it is not so intense that it produces unpleasant sensations in the mouth.

Would you like to know how to plant watermelons in the garden? Go ahead and grow the most refreshing fruit.

Watermelon in the orchard

The cultivation of this extraordinary fruit starts in springwhen the risk of frost has passed. Being a plant of tropical origin, it needs the minimum temperature to be above 10ºC in order to germinate. So, during this season we will prepare the seedbed, which I recommend it to be a plastic seedling tray that they sell in the nurseries since it is easier to control the germination process. You can also use conventional pots, yogurt glasses, milk containers, or others, but it is important that it has a hole so that the excess water can come out without problems.

Once the seedbed has been chosen, We will fill it -if applicable- with substrate for seedbeds or for orchards -also available in nurseries- almost completely, and we will water it well with a watering can that we will have filled, if possible, with rainwater or without lime.

Now the only thing missing is take the seeds and bury them no more than 0,5cm deep and about 2-3cm apart between them, as they need to be able to feel the sunlight and have enough space to germinate without problems. Therefore, it is important that the seedbed let’s place it in an area where it will be exposed to the star king throughout the day.

We will keep them well watered and in a matter of a week they will begin to germinatebut until they are about 5cm tall it will not be advisable to pass them to the garden, since they are very small and we could end up losing them easily. Although we won’t have to wait long either : in a couple of weeks after sowing we will be able to plant our beloved little plants in the groundleaving a separation of 1 or 1,5m between them.

Watermelon chunks

With frequent waterings, being daily during the hottest days, and a regular organic fertilizer, the watermelons will be ready to be harvested in about 90 to 150 days.

Good planting!

How to plant watermelons | Gardening On

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