How to recover a withered plant?

Rhus typhina leaves

We all would like to have plants that are always beautiful, healthy, and happy, but that cannot always be had. If we neglect watering, we will see them sad, with fallen leaves and branches. If the situation worsens, the leaves wrinkle and dry completely, which gives our pots a very bad appearance.

What can be done to recover a withered plant? First and foremost, water it. But not in any way, but by soaking the substrate well. But sometimes it is not so simple.

When the substrate remains dry for a long time, it hardens. By doing so, it compacts and when you want to water, the water goes to the sides quickly exiting through the drainage holes without the plant being able to absorb anything. What to do in these cases?

Opt for a drastic measure: take the pot and put it in a bucket with water. It is convenient that the diameter and depth of the cube are more or less the same as those of the container, since the pot weighs very little, it could bend. If the cube were too big, the whole plant would get wet, which would not be good since the pores of the leaves would have to remain closed, thus preventing respiration.

Leaves of the Dioscorea plant

Leaves of the Dioscorea plant

Once the substrate has been thoroughly soaked, we will remove the plant from the bucket and put it in a very bright area but protected from direct sun. After a few days, when the soil has dried, we will water it again.

It is important that while you are recovering we do not pay it for its roots, as they are weak, simply cannot absorb so much food. In this sense, they are like us when we have the flu or are very sick: our stomach does not accept the same amount of food that it digests when we are healthy.

To help you even more, We can water it with homemade rooting hormones. In this article you have more information about them.

And nothing more. Now what remains is to wait .

How to recover a withered plant?

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