How to recycle a wheelbarrow

Do you have an old wheelbarrow and you don’t know what to do with it? If so, we suggest that you give it a look changeand turn it into a planter. It is very easy, and a lot of fun.

Follow this step by step and you will discover how to recycle a wheelbarrow.

I really like dimorphic libraries, but the problem I have is that the climate we have here favors them too much, causing them to grow… and grow… and end up invading everything. So I thought I’d give it a try, but in the wheelbarrow that my father used in the past and that has deteriorated over the years.

What material do we need?


As alwaysit is much better to prepare all the material that we are going to use to make the task much more enjoyable. In this case, it is:

  • Plants
  • Hammer
  • To escape
  • White paint, and other colors that we like (I have used wall paint, but it is also valid in spray)
  • Brush
  • Watering can with water
  • Substrate: check our guide to know which one to use according to the plant you choose

Step by step

Now that we have it all, let’s get started.

Step One – Remove Concrete Debris


With the help of the hammer, we will give it blows wherever there is concrete. Once finished, with the added help of the escarpment, we will make some holes that will serve to drain the water. Depending on the dimensions you have, a minimum of 8 small holes will be necessary.

Clean wheelbarrow

You may have to hitting both sides of the inside of the truck to get to make the hole. But with patience and firmness, you will succeed.

Second step – Paint


This is the most entertaining task, and the most relaxing as well. With the brush, we give you a first coat of White paint.

Painted wheelbarrow

First a part …

White wheelbarrow

… And then the other.

Now, we let it dry in the sun for half an hour, and then we give it color.

Paint wheelbarrow

It’s not looking bad, is it?

Step Three – Plant the Plants

Our truck is painted, but… empty! It’s time to put plants. In this case, dimorphic libraries.

Dimorfoteca taken from the pot

Our we take out of the planter.

water dimorphoteca

We plant them as if it were a normal pot transplant, and we give it a good watering.

(OPTIONAL) Fourth step – Protect the truck

If you have jumping dogs like me , you may have a need to protect the truckat least until the plants occupy it all.

Protected truck

If so, the use of wire mesh is highly recommended, with which it is wrapped completely.

Dimorphic flower

And ready. Now you have one new truck that looks great in your garden.

Do you need more help? Check out to these other designs:

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What do you think?

How to recycle a wheelbarrow

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