When we decided to have a organic garden at home not only brings us economic benefits, since we can save some money by growing our own products, but it also brings us the joy of being able to produce our own food at home.

And it is that by producing our own food and growing it ourselves, we know that we do not produce it with the help of chemicals or toxins that can cause damage to our body.

For this reason, the day we continue with the step by step to make our own organic garden.

  • It is important that once you have the soil clean and properly tilled, spread a layer of about 8 centimeters of organic compost on the surface. Then you must make sure to bury it using a cellar, in this way we keep the soil more fertile and aerated.
  • Remember that if the earth or soil you have is clayey, you should add a little organic matter in addition to river sand.
  • Once you have the land tilled and raked, you just have to follow the following steps to have our garden ready to start cultivating: you must draw some furrows according to the method you have chosen, then throw the drip lines for irrigation, always keeping in mind that it is much better that you have an automatic irrigation programmer to avoid puddles, excess irrigation or water shortages.

Once you have carried out all these steps and taken into account the advice that we have given you, it is time to plant the seeds you want to grow. Remember that each of the products you grow must be marked with its name and date of cultivation, so that you know exactly how long it takes to appear.