Meet the famous rose leaf cutting bee

Surely on some occasion you have suffered the effects caused by this insect on your rose bushes, the Leaf Cutter Bee as its name indicates, it does exactly that, cut the leaves of the rose busheswith the purpose of making its characteristic nest. After the trick you can easily identify the person responsible, since the cutter bee usually leaves some semicircular holes or circular in the leaves of the rose bushes.

Have you ever noticed that leaves of your rose bush Are they cut or have holes?

How and why does the bee cut the leaf?

bee rose bush leaves

If the answer is yes, you should know that the culprit is only one bee that possesses solitary habits. The leaf-cutter bee scientifically called Megachile centuncularis, is also known by some other names such as the rose bush or leaf saw beeThese names have been given to it because this bee makes some cuts in the leaves of the plants, especially in the rose bushes, however it also does it in some other plants.

It is very easy to achieve identify this beesince the circular cuts that it makes give it away. You can tell that it is the cutter bee cuts, because generally start from the edge of the leaves and although it seems strange, they never cut the central nerve, however, that is why it is possible to confuse it with that attack of pests that everyone fears: the false caterpillar of the rosebush.

However, in this article we will help you to know that the symptoms of both are very different.

Since it is a bee, the Megachile centuncularis is part of the order Hymenopterathe same one to which both ants and wasps belong and is that this type of bees is distinguished from the domestic bee called Apis mellifera, not so much by its appearance, but by its behavior: the Leaf Cutter Bee does not coexist within a community as in the case of its relatives, instead it is an insect that has less vulgar habits.

Female cutter bee tends to hide its nest in the vicinity of the place; in any opening you can find, be it in the walls, the ground, the logs, and even in the pots of the plants. There you will make several cylindrical compartments in which it will then place its eggs together with the necessary provisions for the larvae and that is where the heart of the matter lies.

The raw material of the cutter bee turns out to be pieces of leaveswhich are parts that it cuts with its jaws in just a few seconds. This cuts the pieces of the sheet and then walks away with these little pieces between its legs, and then continue with its work away from any possible gaze, although after come back for more until they manage to finish their creation.

The Leafcutter Bee only causes cosmetic damage

rose bush leaves

Despite what it might seem, cutter bee damage are not usually significant, but rather it is more of a aesthetic flaw than anything else. There are even some people who forgive the damage to their rose bushes if in exchange they have the opportunity to see this bee. However, they have something in their favor and that is that the low cutters they turn out to be excellent pollinators.

As mentioned above and with the exception of certain rare cases, damages are generally not significantbut if you still choose to intervene, try to make your response appropriate. Remember that the insecticide products that can be effective are usually broad spectrum, so also cause damage not only to cutter bees but to other insects which are beneficial, like honey bees and some others, so you have to think if insecticides are really worth it.

Meet the famous rose leaf cutting bee

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