Pests in plants: tips to avoid them

Pests are part of the ecosystem and it would be impossible to eradicate them, but there are good resources that will help to prevent insects and small creatures from threatening the health of our plants.

Many of these recommendations do not involve major complications or excessive spending of money. Simply implement them to prevent plants from being attacked by pests.

The choice of plants

Damaged leaves

An important tip and very easy to introduce is the selection of plants. At the time of choose garden plants keep in mind their origin, always opting for those native species of your region because then you will make sure offer them the best environment so that they are strong and healthy and thus better resist the parasite attack and other pests.

The maintenance of your plants is another crucial issue because if the plant receives everything it needs it will develop in good condition and be strong enough to resist the pest attacks. In this sense, the conditions of the soil, the type of irrigation, the fertilizer and the exposure to the sun influence as they are all key elements.

If you use phytosanitary products such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and others, do it in moderation because an excess can become a mistake. Remember that the best thing you can do with nature is to opt for ecological solutions. There are many so take advantage of them.

I have mentioned this many times but I will never tire of saying it: the best thing you can do with your plants is to check them regularly. Examining plants is a daily job, it is true, but it is also a great way to prevent problems. If your plants have suffered pest attack the previous year, you must be especially careful as they are more vulnerable to a new attack. If you detect the presence of pests at an early stage, you can combat them before they spread.

Infected plants

Plant pests

Remember never to use cuttings from plants that have been diseased as then the new plants that will grow will also be infected. The same happens if you grow a plant in a place where the plants were previously attacked because even after you have removed the plants the parasites remain in the soil.

Pests in plants: tips to avoid them

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