Tips for having a garden in pots

If we think that it is impossible to have horticultural plants if there is no land available… we will be very wrong. In fact, although it is true that there are some that because of their size it is better to have them planted in the ground, there are others with which we can guarantee a good harvest directly from the patio or balcony.

To do this we just have to buy some things that will be essential, and follow these tips for having a garden in pots.

Get what you need

Clay pot

Before starting any task it is very important to buy or make sure before you have everything you will need. To have our garden on the balcony or patio complete, we will need the following:

  • Pots: both small 20cm in diameter and large 40-45cm or more. They can be made of plastic or clay, but if we intend to grow several species it is advisable to purchase plastic ones as they are cheaper and lighter.
  • Substratum: the farmland has to be well drained and rich in nutrients. Nowadays we can get specific substrate for orchard in the nurseries, which are already ready to use.
  • Fertilizer: being plants for human consumption, we have to use organic fertilizers. Normally, in the garden, powder fertilizers are used, but in pots it is preferable to use liquids to prevent the roots from puddling, such as liquid guano. Of course, you must always follow the instructions specified on the packaging.
  • Shower and water: to water the plants it will be necessary to get a watering can. Another option, if we are going to have many pots, is to install a drip irrigation system.

Seeds or plants?

Chili seeds

It depends on the rush and the experience we have in growing plants. An envelope of seeds has a much lower price than a seedling, so if there are 20 units in the envelope, we can have 20 plants for only 1 or 2 euros that it can cost. But of course, they require more space and they also have to be cultivated and taken good care of until they grow. The seedlings, on the other hand, can be worth about 30 euro cents more or less, and as they are sold individually, we can buy whatever we want.

What is better? Okay, if you do not have much space, it is preferable to buy grown seedlingsbecause you will know that with their size it is almost impossible for fungi to affect them, unless they are watered excessively. Sowing seeds is fine, but they take more work (sowing, pecking, definitive transplanting to a pot) and the seedlings are more delicate as they have less developed roots.

Get horticultural plants »small»

Potted lettuce

As we mentioned before, there are horticultural plants that, due to their adult size, cannot be kept in pots. Therefore, it is convenient that, to avoid unnecessary problems, Let’s acquire those that can be grown in a garden in potssuch as the lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, The cabbage (in a very large pot) or the chard.

If we also have an old tire, we can make a pot and grow our own summer fruits, such as watermelons o melons.

Put your pots in a sunny corner

Tomato plant

Horticultural plants they need to be exposed in a corner where the sun shines directly to them, if possible throughout the day. If we could them in semi-shade or in shade, they would not have a good development and it is likely that they would not produce either flower or fruit. In the event that we do not have any such place, we could put them in an area where they would be given a minimum of 5 hours of direct sunlight.

We will know if they lack light if we see that the stems are etiolate, that is, if they lengthen narrowing, if they begin to have the leaves of a very light green color, and if the plants do not flower or / or fructify.

Take care of them with natural products

Neem oil

In order to enjoy the authentic flavor of fruits, it is convenient that we have cared for the plants with natural products. Currently in nurseries we can find very effective ecological insecticides and fungicidesLike neem oil, potassium soap, copper or sulfur. With these products, in addition to the »grandma’s remedies», Our plants will be able to recover well from pest attacks.

Thus, caring for a garden in pots will be an incredible experience .

Tips for having a garden in pots

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