Tips to enjoy the garden in summer

Garden plants

The garden is to be enjoyed, but during the summer there are those who take advantage of it even more. With the arrival of the heat, you want to be outdoors surrounded by nature and take advantage of the days off to celebrate birthdays or special events.

During the months that the high temperatures remain, the plants will need a series of cares to be able to withstand the weather conditions without problems and look beautiful. Because, We offer you a series of tips so that your garden in summer looks healthy inside and out.

Water very often to avoid losses

Artificial lawn irrigation

artificial lawn irrigation

In this season the gardener or gardener can rest a little, but not too much: Your plants will need more frequent waterings, in addition to a regular supply of fertilizer until fall. The soil dries out very quickly and if the roots do not find water or food they will start to turn ugly in a matter of a few hours or days.

Therefore, it is very important to water in the eveningwhen it has started to get dark. In this way, the soil will stay moist longer, so the plants can drink as much as they want. The frequency will vary depending on the weather and location, but generally horticulturals, flowering plants, and lawns should be watered every 1 to 2 days, while the rest can be watered two to three times a week. Likewise, it is advisable to also pay at the end of the day, which is when it is less hot and works better .

Take care of your plants so that they do not have pests

Plant with red spider

plant with red spider

Summer is a hot, dry season in many parts of the world. The pests They are the order of the day because it is then that the favorable conditions for their growth, development and multiplication occur. To avoid damaging plants, they must be well cared for and not overdo it with either irrigation or fertilizer.

But sometimes all precautions are little, so to repel them it is advisable to do preventive treatments with neem oil I potassium soap for example, and plant plants that repel them naturallyLike lavender essence

Do small pruning

Pruning shears

pruning shears

If we talk about pruning, at this time of year it is not a task that has to be done a lot. The plants are in full growth and if they were given a strong pruning they would lose a lot of sap. As a consequence, they would become quite weak and attract pests, which would make them weaker. Thus, you only have to do small pruning or pinchingsuch as cutting withered flowers and dry leaves, or trimming those still green branches of trees and shrubs to control their development.

To have a beautiful green carpet it is advisable to cut the grass at least once a week or every ten days. The grass grows very fast, and if you let it, you would have a miniature jungle.

Keep the furniture clean so you can use it

Garden furniture

Garden furniture

The garden furniture they are going to be used a lot in these months. Having them always ready is a way to take care of this corner of the home. Wiping them with a dry cloth to remove the dust may be enough, but if they have any stains it is convenient to moisten them with water and / or use specific products for cleaning.

Don’t forget to decorate them with flowers. They will give a lot of joy to the stay.

Enjoy the summer!

Tips to enjoy the garden in summer

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