To take care of a garden and have it always beautiful, it is essential to do a series of tasks such as watering, transplanting and also pruning, that is, removing branches that are weak or diseased and those that have grown excessively so that the plants look beautiful.

But of course, leaving these remains in a corner is not very nice, so it is highly recommended to acquire one wood chippera machine that will allow us to convert this waste into natural compost. Let’s see what it’s for.

What is?

The bioturing machine is a very interesting tool that you can have if you would like to make organic compost easily and quickly. But, in addition to getting the best fertilizer that exists, also it will serve you to shred the remains after a harvest or harvest leaving the garden very clean, or to remove pruning debris. In this way, your paradise will look well cared for and your plants will be beautiful.

How to choose one?

There are different types of shredders. Depending on your crushing system we have the following:

  • Of rotating blades: they are used to crush thin stems and small branches.
  • Propeller: provide the most accurate cut.
  • Roller: they are the most suitable for shredding thick and hard branches.

They can also be classified depending on the cutting class:

  • Of discs: they cut leaves and branches up to 35mm in diameter into smaller pieces, but without crushing them.
  • Strawberries: they have a screw with which the cutter adjusts to the thickness of the branches to be cut.
  • Helical: cut and shred branches up to 3 centimeters in diameter.

Which one to buy? It depends on what you want to use it for. For small garden jobs you can get one that has an electric motor, which is very quiet with a low power (2-4CV); If you want it to crush large branches, we recommend one that works with gasoline, which has a longer useful life.

We hope it has been useful to you .