Tips to save irrigation water

watering the plants

Water is as important for plants as it is for other living things. In a world where the global average temperature is increasing and rainfall is scarce in many parts of the globe, it is very important to save as much as possible so that we can have this precious liquid much longer.

Growing plant beings is something wonderful, but depending on the species and the number of specimens we have, the expense can be quite large. Therefore, we are going to offer you a series of tips to save irrigation water.

Acquire native plants

adult carob treeadult carob

Carob (Ceratonia siliqua), a tree native to the Mediterranean that is highly resistant to drought.

In many articles that you will find on the blog, we highly recommend acquiring native plants or those that live in climates similar to the one we have in our area for one reason: they are the most resistant and the ones that need the least water. During the first year they need minimal care, but from the second they will be able to live only with rainwater.

Group plants according to their water demand

Plants growing in a vegetable garden

Plants growing in a vegetable garden

Both in the garden and on a patio, it is highly recommended to group the plants according to their water needs in order to save water. For example, all garden plants, as well as those that are cultivated for their flower, need very frequent waterings, while the native flora hardly need water.

Install a drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation

drip irrigation

This irrigation system allows you to control the amount of water you are going to use to irrigatepreventing much of it from being lost to evaporation as it comes out little by little. Its use is especially recommended in climates such as the Mediterranean, where during the summer the temperature rises above 30ºC very quickly.

Place plates under your pots

Indoor plants

indoor plants

Another way to save water – and by the way, keep the soil clean – is by placing a plate under each of the pots. But it is very, very important that we remember to remove the excess water 15 minutes after watering. to avoid root rot. We will use this water to fill bottles or plastic containers for future irrigations.

Use the water from the air conditioning to water the carnivores

Dionaea muscipula grows up

Dionaea muscipula grown up

Carnivorous plants are very special plants: cannot be watered with lime water as they would spoil quickly. One way to save water is by using the air conditioner.

Create a microclimate in your garden



If the wind blows a lot in your area or if your garden is very exposed, it is convenient create a microclimate planting windbreak hedges and / or trees that provide good shade.Therefore, you will not need to spend so much water every year.

Do you know other ways to save water?

Tips to save irrigation water

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