Aspirin is a pill that we usually have at home. It is very effective in relieving minor pain and the first symptoms of the cold, but … Did you know that it can also help you to take better care of plants?

It is a very interesting medicine that can help you have much healthier and stronger pots, capable of resisting the attack of fungi and bacteria more strongly. Try these uses of aspirin in plants and you will tell me .

Make your flowers last longer

Tulips in a vase

tulips in a vase

If you are one of those who enjoys decorating your home with fresh flowers you will make them last much longer if you put an aspirin in the vase. Acetylsalicylic acid, by reducing the production of ethylene, makes the flowers stay like the first day longer. In addition, it delays the appearance of bacteria.

Protect your plants from fungi

Tomatoes in seedbed

Tomatoes in seedbed

Fungi are very harmful microorganisms that can kill plants in a matter of days. One way to protect them from Fusarium and Verticilium, two of the most common fungi, is diluting an aspirin in a liter of water in a spray bottleand apply on the plants or on the seeds before proceeding to sow them.

Improve your immune system

Potted plant

potted plant

Whether they are indoors or outdoors, plants have to face many problems every day if they want to get ahead: changes in temperature, droughts or excess humidity, pests … All this can weaken their immune system, which will end for making them very vulnerable. To help them, it is highly recommended to dilute 1 tablet in a liter of water and spray every three weeks throughout the growing season.

Did you know about these uses of aspirin in plants? We hope it will be very useful so that you can show off your pots .