How to buy small greenhouses

How much you love plants, you know that if you have a place to protect them from inclement weather, such as wind, heat, rain, etc. It is important. Today, small greenhouses allow you to have somewhat more delicate plants in your home without them deteriorating. But how to buy them?

If you have considered have a small greenhouse at home but you don’t know what to look for to get it right with the purchase, then we are going to help you to achieve it. Let’s do it?

Top 1. The best small greenhouse


  • Transparent veil to see the plants.
  • Rolling door.
  • Protects on all sides.


  • Can be flimsy and blown off easily.
  • It breaks over time.

Selection of small greenhouses

Discover below other greenhouses that could be ideal for what you need.

com-four® Indoor Greenhouse 2X

We start with a seed greenhouse. This pack of two measures 38x24x19 centimeters and does not require assembly. It is ideal for mini pots or for seedlings.

SUREH 4-Tier Mini Transparent Greenhouse Cover

On four levels you can place many types of plants. It has a height of 160cm which makes it feasible to put it in the garden, terrace, balcony or even inside the house.

The only thing that in this case they do not sell you is the greenhouse. It is something common when we buy greenhouses and we wanted to add it so you can see how sometimes you think you are buying a complete greenhouse and the only thing that arrives is the plastic cover.

Yorbay Plastic Garden Greenhouse

You will have a 120x60x60cm greenhouse, tube type. It is short but ideal for putting several pots of different heights and protecting them in the garden. Of course, you must fix this greenhouse so that the wind does not end up throwing it.

Bramble – Small 3 Tier Orchard Greenhouse

This three-shelf greenhouse is ideal for placing larger pots on top and the shortest in the next two. It has a white zippered cover that allows a little perspiration while maintaining a somewhat more stable temperature. It is ideal for growing vegetables and even fruits.

Its dimensions are 69 x 49 x 125 cm.

Hoberg Foil Greenhouse

Ideal for plants that are quite tall because with this greenhouse you will have a height 170 cm. It is very easy to assemble, although you will have to fix it well so that the wind does not blow it away.

It has a roll-up door and capacity for several pots, but not different shelves to fit many.

Buying guide for a small greenhouse

Small greenhouses are a good solution when you have more delicate plants. Inside the house, for example, they can be used to keep humidity high in that areasince by keeping it watered and closed it is possible to have a humidity of between 70 and 85%, quite high for the most tropical plants.

Since there are different types, you can have a single-story greenhouse as well as one with severalallowing you to have more or fewer plants (and nice decoration with them).

But when buying small greenhouses, what do you have to look for?


First of all will be the size. That is, if it is going to be big, wide, or small. Our recommendation is that first see the space where you are going to put it. Then, select the ones you have seen that can fit you, either because of budget, because you liked them, etc. And finally, check the measurements. This way you will know if they really fit in that space or not and you will discard all those that do not serve you.


The next thing you should check is the material it is made of. Keep in mind that they are plants and that implies water. So if the material is not suitable, you would have a problem because it will not last long.

The normal thing is that are purchased with a plastic mesh and aluminum shelves, as well as the complete structure. They are the cheapest and also the best quality.


Finally, you would have the price. This would be the decisive factor but once you have valued by size and material. In this aspect, the truth is that you can find many prices and a fairly wide range.

To give you an idea, you can find small greenhouses for seedlings for about 15 euros and larger greenhouses (even being small) for about 30-40 euros.

What to plant in a small greenhouse?

It is important to distinguish seed greenhouses, which are like small boxes with a transparent lid to plant seeds, have seedlings or mini-pots; and the largest greenhouses, with possible levels, to house a greater number of plants.

If what you want is to sow, you can always place a seedbed inside a greenhouse, or opt for the first ones that we have mentioned. In them you can plant whatever you want, from fruits, vegetables, tropical, exotic plants, etc. But keep in mind that they are in a small space and that means that when they grow, they will need to be transplanted. And depending on their growth they may take more or less.

How big is a small greenhouse?

This question is not easy to answer because, really, there are many different measurements. In addition, whoever considers a small greenhouse may, for another person, not be.

In general, these are characterized by taking up little space and also low height. Thus, we could say that up to 130-140 centimeters tall could be considered small. In terms of width, they are usually not more than 60 centimeters.

Where to buy?

buy small greenhouses

Now all you have to do is know where to buy small greenhouses. It is not too difficult because practically in all stores you will find them. But if you want to make a good purchase, then you have to look at these stores, which are where we have seen more quality and better prices.


We started with Amazon because it is where you will find more variety. Sometimes products with different prices are repeated, because they are sold by third-party sellers and they set the prices.

From time to time they tend to drop sharply, so if you don’t need it at that time, it’s best to have an alert so that when it drops you’ll be notified and you can buy it cheaper.


And ikea Some time ago they had a small house-type greenhouse. Today they have a lantern type. But beyond that, we haven’t been able to find any other greenhouses.

Leroy Merlin

Inside of section of greenhouses and anti-frost veils in Leroy Merlin we can indeed find various types of structures. Within the mini-greenhouses, we have a tunnel and seedbeds that come in handy for when you need plants and maintain both temperature and humidity.


At Lidl, they usually bring small or seedling greenhouses that can be interesting. They don’t give you much to choose from, but the prices are affordable. and to try or as a beginner they can serve you.

Second hand

Lastly, we would have second-hand small greenhouses. They’re a even cheaper option but you have to make sure the whole greenhouse is ok and that you can give it a second life in your home.

Do you dare to have small greenhouses and enjoy the plants all year round?

How to buy small greenhouses

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