How to buy an automatic watering for pots

If you are going on vacation and have plants, surely you are looking for an automatic watering system for pots that really works for you and keeps your “friends” moist during the time that you are not going to be there.

Although there are many ways to maintain it, the truth is that depending on the pot and the plant it will work better or worse. Why don’t we give you a hand and tell you about the types of automatic irrigation that are on the market for pots?

Top 1. The best automatic watering for pots


  • Ideal for 5-10 pots.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Detect and notify if something goes wrong.


  • Difficult to install drippers.
  • The water tank is separate.

Selection of automatic watering for pots

If you have already tried that first option, or it is not what you like the most for your plants, do not worry, here are other automatic irrigation systems for pots that will work very well.

Relaxdays Self-Watering Set for Pots

You will buy 4 handy watering globes that they will only need you to fill them with water and sink them into the potting soil. One per pot (although sometimes you will need more).

Aqua Control Drip Irrigation for Balconies

This irrigation kit for balconies and terraces is one of the most sold and recommended. Count with one programmer, 12 droppers and a microtube to build the irrigation system and not worry about everything.

In addition, it works with batteries.

Landrip DIY Irrigation System

This irrigation system works on both USB and batteries (it will work for 2 months for one minute of watering once a day).

It can work up to maximum of 15 pots.

Landrip Automatic Irrigation System

This system will allow you to spend approximately a month without having to water. You may program it in two different ways, by hours or by day, and water up to 15 plants. In addition, no electricity is needed as it can be battery operated.

Kollea Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

You just have to set the quantity and frequency and you will have an automatic watering for pots. Specifically for 10, although if the deposit is bigger you could increase it a little more.

Once configured you will not have to do anything else.

Buying guide for an automatic flower pot waterer

Today in the market we can find many types of automatic watering for pots, from the biggest to those ideas that do not seem like a risk but are.

Choosing the most suitable one sometimes involves trying several, since not all plants do well with one or the other. Therefore, if you want to know what you should look for when purchasing one, here we give you the keys.


We start with the size and in this case you must take into account both that of the plant and that of the irrigation itself. For example, you will not be able to water a large pot with a 100ml watering. More than anything because it will lack water.

In addition, each plant “is a world” and there will be some that need more water and others less. So you have to customize each automatic irrigation.

There are some automatic irrigation systems that, since they come with the pots, you don’t need to worry about needing more or less.

Others, however, you will have to “calibrate” them before. For example, if you place an automatic watering system in a pot and you see that it empties very quickly, it may be because the needs of that plant require more water than you have put.


Within the automatic watering for pots there are many types. Among them, the most used for pots are the following:

  • Automatic irrigation systems. Connected to the hose and using drip irrigation in the pots. These can go by WiFi, electricity, battery-powered, battery-powered…
  • Automatic irrigation with solar energy (so you don’t have to plug it into an outlet).
  • Irrigation cones. Very fashionable now since they are introduced into the pot and filled with water so that the plant takes what it needs.
  • Water dispenser. Similar to the cones, only here you must introduce a bottle or similar that is the one that provides the water.
  • Water balloons. Similar to the above, where the piece is filled with water and turned upside down by sticking it into the potting soil.


Finally, we have the price. And the truth is that, depending on the type and size, you will find them more or less cheap. To give you an idea, some minis, for small pots and little time, can cost you about 3 euros. The most professional irrigation systems will not go below 50 euros.

Everything will depend on how many pots you have, the automatic irrigation system for pots you choose, etc.

How to make a homemade automatic irrigation?

When you have many pots, it is normal that buying an automatic irrigation for pots is somewhat complicated because it involves a fairly high investment. However, did you know that you could make a homemade one?

For this, let’s go to take advantage of plastic bottles as well as trays, also made of plastic, to give them a new use and thus pollute less. We recommend a 6-liter bottle of water and a tray of a whole chicken, for example.

Insert the bottle into the tray and, with a marker, mark the edge of the chicken tray on the bottle. Next, you will have to make a square below that mark (1x1cm). That way, when you fill the bottle with water, and release the hole, the water will not leak out of the tray.

Now you must look for cotton rope. Cut about 3-5 strips, no more, for that watering. Line each string with aluminum foil (ends sticking out) and with each one in the pot. Make sure the tray is higher than the pots or it won’t work. In a matter of a few minutes, water will begin to come out of the ropes. If you see too much coming out, squeeze the foil or roll it up and it will slow down the drops.

Where to buy?

buy automatic watering pots

You already know much more about automatic irrigation for plants than before, so now you just have to get down to work to install it in your home. But where to buy the best? We have analyzed the following stores and this is what we have found.


Is where more variety you will find, especially in terms of automatic irrigation. However, you must be careful with the price since it often has extra shipping costs or when buying from third-party sellers then it can be more complicated to return it.


In Verdecora they have a special section for watering pots and summer. Thus, it offers you different products, both in terms of products to withstand the irrigation of pots and special kits. Of course, there are not as many as on Amazon.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin you will find systems in the self-irrigation section. However, in terms of automatic watering for pots it does not have as much, many are accessories that you can use with the systems you sell.

Now it’s your turn, how is the automatic watering for pots that you use on vacation?

How to buy an automatic watering for pots

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